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salomon 1080 foil

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I'm going to buy some 2008 salomon 1080 Foil's in the next couple of days for a trip to Vermont in January. I was wondering if i could use a generic alpine binding on these. The binding I have in mind is the salomon 610 binding. any input will be helpful. thanks.
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I have a 2007 pair, and I don't see any reason why would couldn't just use any old binding you wanted. If I were you I'd lean toward something designed with the park in mind. I have a set of Rossi scratch bindings on them that I've grown rather fond of.

Also, make sure that whatever binding you get has a brake wide enough for them. I believe the Foils are somewhere around 80mm or 85mm in the waist.
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There's a large difference in performance from the Salomon 610/710 binding and the 810/912/914/916 series. The latter has the oversized spheric toe with both vertical and horizontal adjusters which you can crank down and really lock your boot into place. I had some 710's on my Fujatives a couple of years back and used to pop out every time I got even the least bit aggressive. Spend the extra dough on a quality binding.
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