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175cm Fischer Progressor

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175cm Fischer Progressor

This is a ski I demoed and liked so much in November at Loveland. Based on that trial, and my own history with the brand, I went ahead and purchased the model from Dawgcatching soon after.

This week I had the chance to use the ski in Steamboat once the soft snow diminished to packed powder. The Progressor takes the Worldcup RC performance level and broadens it to include tighter turns and choppier soft snow.

The ski really rocks. It’s not a ski for skidding turns, it likes clean carved technique. Put the ski on edge and it goes quickly where intended. The edgegrip is so solid that the skier wants to see how tight the turn can be carved and how much rebound can be produced during the transition from edge-to-edge. It also does well on soft moguls and loose snow. It just cuts through choppy conditions like a knife through Styrofoam. It also will ski moguls with a quick fall line edge changes. A great resort ski.

The ski does not require huge effort, but you will want to use it as intended. It’s designed for high performance on-piste skiing with a wide range of turn shapes available and a healthy tolerance for variable hard-packed conditions.

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Demo'd this ski today...It Rocks.

Knee-deep in the bumpy trees:No Submarining. Soft-packed lumpy groomers: Air a trough or two. Down to the noisey-ice on steep bump faces:Just lay it over. The humungous 47 mm side-cut lets you say goodbye to the ski and incline like Cuche...It always comes back. This thing is smooooth. It is the nicest ski I've ridden...A hot BMW ride. Followed this with a 165 Fischer RC, which was a much more basic, de-tuned SL ski...Kind of like a BMW if you ripped out all the carpets, sound damping, and the rest of the accessories. Before the Progressor the SC was my favourite Fischer ski.
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I finally got to try my new Progressors as well, I think I'm going back to the RC's. To me the Progressors felt short and too turny at 175cm at my wieght 220lbs. The conditions I tested in were poor, I'm going to give them a second chance this weekend.
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Hey Michael,

I only skied the 170cm in the Progressor, and it was superb, although not necessarily any more stable than any other 170cm skis I have been on. I loved the overall feel, energy, and power underfoot, but could have used a touch more staba new hard-snow ski ility. Do you think 175cm is too long for me? I am trying to get a compromise ski between these two: Elan GSX Fusion Pro (no speed limit, 18m GS in 178cm) and the Progressor (carvier, not as stable, more energetic at 170cm). The 175cm Progressor may be the best compromise between the two. Since I haven't skied that length, what are your thoughts? I had a WC RC a few years ago in 175 and it was a lot of fun.
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I think you could use the 175cm, no problem. Actually, I should have gotten the 180cm.

The ski can be used in a longer size. When I demoed the ski at Loveland, the 175cm felt like a lot-of-ski. However, the day I demoed the Progressor was also my first day on snow this year. Now that I have used the ski a few days it does feel agile enough to use in a longer size.

I need to give you a call soon,


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Hi Michael,
Were in agreement was again, I feel the 180's would have been the better choice a well.

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Michael/Buck - I'd like to demo these when I go to Aspen next month. Would you recommend 175 or 180 for someone 6'1"/172 who likes fast med turns for this type of ski (think, for example, mach schnell, with some control, on Big Burn at Snowmass)? FWIW, I also ski a 183 Gotama and it's a little short at speed on groomers (albeit mounted at +1). Thanks for your comments.
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I would go with the 175cm. I'm a big guy and the 175cm is as stable as any ski, except a GS race ski.

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