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Krypton Pros - too big

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First order of business:

New here, glad I found the place and look forward to participating - if I can find time between posts at the guitar forum i frequent

My Krypton Pros (lime green) have gotten too big, they're a 27.5

I don't have access to a bootfitter where I live unfortunately so I'm kind of guessing wildly here:

I'm thinking of trying heat-moldable liners (the dalbello i.d. liner) (i do have access to someone who can 'cook' them).

Could I use a larger liner size to help 'fill up' the boot? I'm already using green superfeet as footbeds.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give!
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What is your brannick size?

If you are oversized in the shell, a larger liner may help but remember the Intuition liners do not expand to take up volume, they only compress where pressure is applied. If you are a 10-10.5 this size Krypton should be a comfortable fit length wise and a performance fit if you are an 11-11.5.
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ok, forgive my ignorance (never had a boot fitting before)..., what is 'brannick size?'

i measure a 10.5 - 11 depending on the foot. i've got very narrow feet though.

i've got the 27.5 currently and have to pretty much crank the boots down to their limit for the mid-buckle. it's a fine line though, if i crank too much then i get some numbness (not good).

i've got the stock liners and my feet are sliding around (toe is sliding into the front of the boot in one, and heel pops up in both boots).

long and short is that i probably would have been better off with a 26.5
but now i'm wondering if there are ways i could make it work.

since the intuition liners do not expand to fill the volume, would i be better off getting a smaller size liner for a tighter fit?

again thanks for the help! if i had a shop nearby i'd have it taken care of..., but then i wouldn't have found this place!
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The inexpensive solution:

-Place a 3mm bontex insole shim under the liner of the boot to take up volume in forefoot area.

-apply a neoprene tongue shim to the tongue to hold heel back and down better and take up volume.
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i would try Bud's solution, and if that is not enough and the shell length is good, than it may be worth looking at a zip fit liner which will take up a good bit more volume than the intuition

good luck
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Bud, CEM..., thanks a bunch for the useful information..., i'll try it out and post here on how it works out..., now time to go ski.
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medium expensive solution:

someone on telemark tips site is selling a zipfit liner for under $100

right solution: get the boot in a 26
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