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Any Demo's going on now?

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Well i keep getting screwed this year, am looking for a demo day to test the lastest ski's out, looking mostly to try out short slalom ski's. The first demo here in western NY was Holiday Valley but it was canceled for lack of snow, the second one i missed was today at Bristol near Rochester, the dam roads were closed because of all the snow so i couldnt get there. Are there any more demo days some were around Western NY i could drive too? Or did i miss them all. Heck i will even drive out to Vermont if they got at least Atomic and Rossignol there to test there latest ski's.

Not interested in demoing ski's from shop because am not buying just want to try out the latest stuff and at end of year maybe pick something up cheap like i did last year.
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Check out the manufacturesrs web sites, sometimes they will list where they will be demoing skis, then call the ski area to confirm.

In our area, Bavarian Village, a chain of Ski and Golf shops used to sponser demo days, so that's another possibility.

They don't any longer since they were bought out by Boyne Country sports in 2000, the parent company also owns Boyne Highlands, Boyne Mt, Mt. Brighton Utah, Big Sky, and I believe something in the State of Washington.
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