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Ski Bag?

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Hello, I am new here but I love to ski. Anyways, I am thinking of taking some of my town's ski trips and we take a coach bus. I do not own a ski bag and I am bringing my skis under a coach bus. I have heard that they can get pretty beat up under a bus. Should I buy a ski bag for this purpose? Also, if possible, why?

Happy Tracks!
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Hmm, the bag really offers limited protection. But, what you can do is stuff it with clothes or towels to offer more protection. OR buy one of those rigid plastic ski tubes.
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As all things in life, there are plus and minus things to consider.

The nice thing about a bag is that now your poles are in the same place too and you have someting for a quick grab & carry.

A cheap bag ... flimsy, but will offer some protection and it will be small enough to fold and stuff in your other (boot bag??).

Some bags have a bit of padding in the binding area where it's needed, I've seen a few but don't remember the brand. Probably the best option if you can find one and still small enough to stash in your boot bag.

A more expensive padded bag ... yeah good, but now where do you stow it once you hit the lodge.

A tube ... now you have to unload the tube and leave it at the bus and haul the skis and poles.

If these are adult trips ... not like the high school trips where the stuff really get tossed in, you will probably be fine with a cheap bag.

BTW ... I highly recommend the Transpack for boots, it is backpack style and has lots of room for helmet, shell, gloves, extra gloves and goodies .... a good backpack style boot bag is worth it's weight in gold in getting all of this stuff where it has to go while you are dragging skis.
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I totally recommend base protectors. Mine are from Swix, but there are other manufacturers who sell them as well.
I put them on, and then stuff the skis in an inexpesive ski bag. The combination hasn't failed me in years of bus trips.
Worth spending a few bucks on IMO

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for under the bus, yes a bag is a great idea. DO yourself a favour and be patient, hang out and try to get your skis loaded last. this also means they are first out.

a bag that is slightly padded is nice, but ensure it's not so padded it won't fit into your boot bag.

If possible buy a bag that will fit two pairs, comes in handy when you don't know what conditions you are going to get and can also hold all your ski cloths if you do only bring one pair.

I think tube would be a pain in the keister. Good for flying though.
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