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Anybody ski Tahoe today?

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Going up tonight, is it is as good as the weatherman says? Any first hand knowledge? Enough cover for new skis? Fats, midfats?:
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seconded: please help with the 411; going up Thurs nite....
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Originally Posted by Dino View Post
seconded: please help with the 411; going up Thurs nite....
So Dino, where ya headed? I'm waiting for a hook up. Maybe Rose thurs or Fri. If not, SAT Thurs and Possibly NS on Fri cause of this deal.

Sat is still up in the air.

8" of Powder - More Coming! $35 Lift Tickets

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Wifey 85% committed, and we'll tag-team (or get a sitter) Fri-Sat at Alpine/Squaw or Squaw/Squaw. If we can't get a sitter, then Squaw has plenty of options for on-duty parent with our toddler. PM me and it'd be great to hook up at Squaw on Sat.

BTW, thanks for N-Star post, but Alpine/Squaw works better this time for us.

FWIW, I'll bring Elan 666s and Gotamas, and hope to use only Goats...
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Probably won't do Squaw this week. I'm hoping to use my new chiefs, "they" say 6 more inches tonight. Gotta get a feel. Snoops if not.

Good skiin':

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Have a great time; let's hope "they" are right (and more)...
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Supposedly pretty decent at Alpine today. Summit and Yellow are slated to open Saturday. Unfortunately, it looks like NOAA just downgraded the snow forecast for the current storm significantly.
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Anyone try South Lake/Kirkwood/Sierra/Heavenly?
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KCRA says 2 new ft at Blue Canyon this am. Pics look good. I gotta feelin it's gonna be good. RESTRICTIONS ON ALL ROADS IN. TR later with pics I hope.
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By the way, folks, www.magnifeye.com is a good single-page site to hit when you're getting ready to drive to North Lake.
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