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Skins and glue?

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I bought some skins about 4 years ago. I am embarassed to admit that I still have not used them, hopefully I get to use them this season.

My question is whether the glue is still good and if they are useable or do I need to have them "serviced"?

Thanks a lot.
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Well, have you gone and tried to stick them to your skis, then take them off? How did that work for you?

They should be fine unless you had them stored in a place that got hot - which can cause glue deterioration - or dropped them on spruce needles or a dog or something, but just go give them the ol' stick and peel routine and get back to us.
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Thanks for that....seems now quite obvious to me to try them on , though not so sure if a test at home is the same as skinning for 2 hours at 3000m in freezing conditions, but I guess I will find out some day. Thanks for the storage tip as for the last few weeks I had them in a fairly warm place stored which I will now change.
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If they stick tightly and peel cleanly at home, they'll do the same on snow. Any difference will be the skins getting wet or getting snow or the above mentioned dog hair on the glue in the field. Wetness or snow between the skis and skins can compromise stickiness on the hill, as can extreme cold.

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I have some really skinny skins I use from time to time for flat approaches. They spent ten years in storage at one point before resurfacing. They are 30 years old. The glue still works.
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