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I've noticed an explosion of boarders this year at my main hill (Sunshine), but that simply reflects a migration from the RCR Resorts (Louise) which have decided not to put any jumps in their parks this year. Other than that, the proportion has seemed pretty constant over the past few years. I did notice a lot more skiers in the park section of our urban hill (COP) last night as I was riding the lift up to test out some new skis, but the 13 year olds on twin tips seemed to be as oblivious to lift and hill etiquette as the 13 year olds on boards.
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Originally Posted by SkiFox View Post
As I looked down on the ski hill last weekend from the lodge, I couldn't help but notice the disproportionate number of snowboarders and skiers. There seemed to be three snowboarders for every skier. Do you think skiing will slowly disappear? I don't know of any young people taking up skiing...they are all learning to snowboard because that's the "in" thing. Those of us who ski probably don't want to learn a whole new sport like snowboarding, but what about when we are all gone? Will there only be snowboarders left? I know I didn't ski for 20 years while I was raising my kids, but at that age I wanted to go back to something I knew...not to a new sport. I think all the snowboarders will do the same thing. Maybe some day people will say "Remember when people used to use those "ski" things and those long poles with baskets on the end?" Lets go watch some of the old movies of those funny-looking things!
Where are you skiing?! Do you REALLY think that snowboarding is the "hip new thing?" Did you time-warp back to the late 80's? Most of winter sports growth and progression is in skiing right now! Most new snowriders are getting on skis from what I've seen.
I was just thinking that snowboarding might eventually go away! Skiing is as fresh and new as ever these days....I'm in the year 2007 by the way.
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Originally Posted by gnjantzie View Post
...but the 13 year olds on twin tips seemed to be as oblivious to lift and hill etiquette as the 13 year olds on boards.
Seems to be the natural result of most modern "parenting". :
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What is this "snowboarding" thing everyone keeps talking about?
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Originally Posted by danimal's dead View Post
Skiing in Arizona I guess you wouldn't know anything about powder though. So I'd expect nothing different.
I guess this is the part where I call you a "tool" and point out that snowboarders FAIL FAIL FAIL at reading comprehension.

I've skied in Arizona zero times. Plan on doing some this winter.
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I've talked to some younger boarders who started out skiing that want to go back to skiing. Yesterday in the lift I rode up with a former boarder who switched to telemarking. However at Blackcomb last week one look around the line up at the Crystal Chair and it was easily 2:1 boarders to skiers. I think with the fat ski phenom, more boarders may start switching back to skis. At the end of the day you'll probably still have the same number of people on the mtn.
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Freeride/Jib skiing is the fastest growing segment.... of ANY outdoor sport... summer or winter!

I think that snowboarding is suffering from "the reverse coolness factor." It seems that all the excitement is in skiing right now. Just look at the gear innovations! Have you seen any progress in the snowboarding industry in the past 5 years? Maybe some, but NOTHING compared to skiing. I think that the big change started when average folks watched the skiers totally school the boarders in the park on the X games.
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For the accurate count of skiers on a mountain, take the number of skis and divide by 2.
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Originally Posted by Toadman View Post
...it was easily 2:1 boarders to skiers.
Go up on the mountain, the serious terrain - that's were you'll see 2:1 skiers. Boarders will hang in the park or sit around. Their terrain is limited except for a small percentage of highly skilled.
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All the kids around me in my school Snowboard with a minority of skiers.

Problem is I have yet to meet a snowboarder better than me in anything besides park. As long as snowboarders suck at "real" skiing, skiers shall survive.

Snowboarding here is about 50/50
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