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salomon Z10 bindings

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hey there,
this is my first post here, ive been skiing for over 6 years and love it.

i recently bought some Salomon Z10 ski bindings off ebay with the intent of getting them mounted right away. I realized when i got them that there was not any plate for the actual binding to mount to. Where can I find this plate, and what exactly is it called? I searced for riser plates, and also ski binding mouting plate but i cant find anywhere to buy them. Do they have to be specific to the ski binding? I would like to find just a 10mm one. Thanks for any help!!! And happy skiing!!

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Do you REALLY NEED the plate? To answer your question, yes, they are specific to the binding. I'm not sure if the Z10 has one, but I would imagine there's something out there. Check with your Salomon dealer. Remember, you'll need longer screws as well. IMHO, a 10mm lift isn't something I even get excited about, and I have all but one set of skis mounted flat. The one pair with the "+" lifter isn't really any different. Of course I should mention I'm only on twins these days.

What ski are you putting them on and how wide are they?
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the binding requires some type of plate to be mounted onto the ski. I am not getting it for the rise, but for the actual mounting. On the instructions it shows a plate, but the bindings do not come with one.

i forget what brand skis i am putting them on, but the bindings will fit with a plate. I just have to find this secret plate.
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Then this is a different situation altogether - you've got a captive plate. You have to get a totally different binding then, as it's a little tough to modify any old "off the shelf" binding. (For instance - you can't mount Slaomon bindings on a Head plate, just like you can't put Marker bindings on Salomon plates...) You've probably got a "hostage system" and Salomon's may not work. Since you know nothing about the skis or the bindings though, you've got your work cut out for you. Good luck.
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