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Does anybody here swim to stay in shape for the ski season. I am skiing for the first time of the season on Saturday so I have been in the pool the last week and a half to get the cobwebs out of my muscles. It seems to me its a perfect year round upkeep for the skiiers body. It works the legs hard and develops good core strength and gives you some upper body strength as well. Just wanted to see if people agreed. Suggest some other activities as well, I just don't like lifting too much and prefer to do activities that are fun but keep the body in good shape.

sorry if this in the wrong forum, im still a newbie.
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This should probably be in 'other sports', but yes I swim, but not as much to stay in shape for skiing. I think cycling does that better, but I do have to admit that swimming gives a really good low-impact full body workout that is hard to find in many other sports.

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Welcome to Epic Ski.

If you type "swimming" or "swim" using the "search" feature you should find several good threads on the benefits or limitations of swimming as cross-training for skiing.
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Was there a thread on how swimming affects the calf muscle anywhere?
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I swim extensively, among other things. With regard to skiing, I'm confident that swimming is good stuff for core and shoulder strength, and overall flexibility. However bone strength in the legs is enhanced by impact...running, b-ball, etc. I spend a lot of time on the gym cardio machines for convenience, but make sure I ramp up the running before ski season (or other bone-risk activities). A few weeks should strengthen your bones a fair bit.
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I swim several times a week for tiathlon training. I have found that my core has really benefited from this as well as my balance. I'm amazed that I've recovered from a couple of potentially hazardous falls by just utilizing my core muscles to pull me out of a bad situation. I agree with rickair7777 that you need to cross train though. Swimming helps to build long muscles, so strength training is well advised to go along with your swimming routine.
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I am with Snowmiser on swimming. I swim about 4 miles a week, just to keep fit, and think its great for just tuning your core and balance ability. And of course you can make it as cardio intensive as you want, just speed up! So if you have a nice pool available, as i do at our rec center, use it if you like swimming. You will no doubt benefit.
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I've always been under the impression that swimming is a great way to keep in shape, especially for the older among us (zero impact = easy on the joints). It's good cardio, and it even a recreational swim utilizes almost all muscle groups. Not so good for building muscle though.

For someone like me, who wants to keep in good, or at least not bad, shape without actually having to work that hard, a trip to the rec center pool a few times a week for some jumping, water basketball, and general screwing around is a great thing.
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I always liked to swim.
I have taken to swim again this fall.
It's my first step to get bodily sound again.
I like what swimming does to one's body, an harmonization of all muscles and good lung exercise.
So, it's a way to keep up a good general shape. It's not specific for skiing.
But it is not enough per se.
I'll start again rollerskating as soon as weather will allow it.
Rope jumping, MTB and running are other activities that I intend to take on again.
This said, I like to swim as much as I can.
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