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Custom Bootfit Review

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Well as you know I had been complaining earlier about being in a boot that I felt was too soft of flex. Upon the recommendations of a bunch of people I went to Heino's in NJ and saw Greg.

The first thing I can say is wow. Greg is a great dude, and knows a ton about his business. He makes appointments with his clients and takes the full time to listen to you and hear your issues. After hearing every issue you have, he does tests and then spends about five minutes of silence just thinking in his head. If I put as much focus into my schoolwork as he put into thinking about solutions, I'd be a much smarter kid. Truly a gentlemen and a master of his trade.

Anyways, after thinking to himself he gave me options. Rather than push anything on me, he heard me when I said, "I need a low cost solution to a high cost problem"---I'm a broke college kid. He was the first ski/boot salesman to actually hear this. From this he told me what he would do to solve the problem and stay under 100 dollars. He said he would recommend the custom footbed first if money was no object, but knowing that I needed to save money said he had plenty of other options. He ran through them and made sure I was happy and I truly was. I suggeste bolting and he refrain from that because of cost, this is truly an honest salesman. He gave me a package of things to improve the feel of the boot. most importantly he cleared up a bunch of rmisnomers I had. He said the 90 flex, while fairly soft, could still hold me. He said people often think they are over flexing a boot because they don't have the proper fitment in the first place and the excess movement they feel in the boot is really just movement of the leg within the boot that is not doing any work for you. So, before stiffening the boot he took the approach to make sure my foot was secure in the boot at the ankle, the cuff, and so on. He said he was very comfortable with this approach and was confident that it would improve my communication with the ski and get me more responsiveness. He said only then, after I had skiied on this setup if I still wanted more, should I do the bolting, which he would be more then happy to do. He also said he would tell me when it was time to stop modifying the old boot and save for a new one. This was a truly amazing experience. I reccomend him and customization highly. I think this will improve my skiing and save me a lot of money

List of adjustments plus service for a total of $90:
Booster strap -50(triple)-replaces velcro cuff strap and gives much more secureness of cuff around the leg
Add pads to the tongue to make it fit tighter to my foot and leg 20
Add pads to the heel to secure my heel from sliding around 20
Cuff Alignment

He said he wouldn't charge me for service, amazing!

Heinos-Pequannock, NJ!!!

Thanks for everybody else who helped me with the suggestions and lead me to greg.
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Go for the footbeds. They are the single most cost effective accessory to improve your skiing experience. They are only another $50 over your $100 cap. That's less than a single lift ticket and they are worth far more. Footbeds will allow you to buckle looser, increasing circulation and keeping your feet warmer. The looser fit eliminates foot cramping. And most importantly, they will improve your feel for your edges. If you ski in the East, that is critical. Footbeds will transform your skiing. :
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I hear what your saying and I may go ahead with them if I can get them as a christmas gift from my parents or if I earn some more money. We'll see, right now I'm happy with the upgrades
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