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something to ponder

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24 beers in a case...
24 hours in a day...
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30 packs are available now.
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How do you count half/full barrels?
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Don't think it's on purpose, I mean who could stay up another hour after 23 beers?
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24 Beers? - Why waste time and gain the calories? Vodka, much faster and cleaner! One day . . . one bottle of Kettle One, coincidence? <FONT size="1">

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When it comes to calorie intake, an the shape of my belly:
Whay have a six pack when you can have the whole keg?

"When hell freezes over, I'll ski there too"
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And what with the 8 hotdogs to a package but 10 hotdog buns to a package?
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Yea, and how come my parents always say I am old enough that I should have to use my head, but I have to wait til I am older to get head??? Whats up with that???
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Ok how about this;

the plural of louse is lice
the plural of mouse is mice
the plural of house is not HICE, but houses
the plural of horse is not HORICE, but horses

I guess it has something to do with the "h."

the plural of cow is cows
the plural of chicken is chickens
the plural of goat is goats
the plural of dog is dogs
but the plural of sheep is sheep Go figure,
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We can make plurals easier. How about:

one sherrif two sherrifim
one stewardess two stewardi
a pair of scissors one sciss
one yoyo two yoyi
one berry berry-berry

On the way up Mt. Hood, there is a cut made through a leg of hillside for the hiway. This leaves a hugh hunk of rock on the right which has come to be called 'silent rock'. The story goes that while building the new hiway a worker lost his life. In honor of him everyone in the car stops talking and turns off the radio while passing through this cut known now as silent rock. Whether the story is true or not I don't know, but it has become a nice tradition.

Speaking of traditions- here's one I have learned from my wife: When we are on the road we often pass those signs which show a deer in mid-jump with its front legs up and bent. It therefore follows that just when we pass these signs we both quickly lift our hands up to our chests (wrists up, hands down) and then back down again. It's silly; it's stupid; but cute. Pass on the tradition! I'll bet all the girls are saying, "Hey, that's neat!" Al the guys here are saying, "Oh Gawd! Shut up Yarddog!"

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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And why do we park in the Driveway, and drive on the Parkway?
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Why do birds lay eggs? Where does the light go when you turn it off? How high is up? If there is a black hole why isn't there a white one?
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