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Experience with Salomon STH brakes?

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Hoping someone with experience with the Salomon STH bindings can answer...

This past weekend I bought a pair of Teneighty Guns from my local REI. I wanted the upgrade to the STH 12 bindings, so I had to order them from REI online (don't carry them in the store).

Online, REI sells only the STH 12 B90 which comes with the 90mm brake...the Guns have a waist of 99mm.

So, in talking with the shop guys they had no experience with the STH bindings. They brought out their box-o-brakes that they use for the Z-series bindings that they carry in the store. They are taking the "let's wait until the bindings come in and then we'll see if they work" approach.

I was googling around and saw a blurb at one online retailer that said: "The STH takes a different brake than that of the Z bindings, but the regular brake can be modified to fit." Does anyone know what that means? Can we use a standard Salomon brake on the STHs? That seems a bit cryptic...

Does anyone have any experience with this? My options are:
- Hope the brakes they have work with the STH and all is well.
- Have them order a brake from Salomon (will painstakingly take an extra week or two)
- Return the REI binding and find someone who carries the STH 12 B100. Downside there is that I lose the great deal REI cut me (10% off the bindings then a $20 coupon) and the time it will take
- Forget the whole thing and downgrade to a Z-series.

Any thoughts? Thanks guys...great forum!
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The STH brakes are not the same as the old "standard" Salomon brakes. No need to wait until anything comes in to try it.

If you are larger or ski really hard (incl serious park), the Z heel is a weak spot. If you are smaller or more moderate in your sking, the Z is fine. I'm north of 200 pounds & the Z12s have done OK for me. Not as well for my aggressive kid (Salomon was good with the warranty thing...). But given the options this year, I'd personally opt for Duke/Jester or STH12...

Also FWIW, those brakes/bindings are as common as it gets --- if a shop guy took a "let's try it" approach to those brakes & bindings, I'd declare the shop incompetent and would not let them anywhere near my mounting job. Deal or no deal -- I'd be heading to a specialty shop with a clue, buy the bindings (with the right brakes) there and have them do the mount.
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Spindrift -

Thanks for the response. Much appreciated.

I may try and call around today to find the STH 12 B100 since it sounds like the REI option is going to end in a dead end.

I'm feeling like, however, that the Z series may be my final option. I'm right around 200 lbs and an aggresive skier, but I'm not doing the huge airs in the parks. If the main difference between the z and the sth is durability for big landings and such, I'd be fine with the Z.

Thanks again...the hunt begins...
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