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New Years and Tahoe :)

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Hey all,
just returned from S. Lake Tahoe tonight.
We swung by Sierra@Tahoe yesterday (31st) and it was probably one of the best days I have skied in a long time. past few years it's been good snow but crummy weather or great weather but crummy snow. they had a few new inches and it was for the most part cloudy but not the bad cloudy haha. snow was nice and soft, not as many people as i expected so that was a good day.

we followed this up with a trip to Stateline and gambled and joined in one of the multiple countdowns in the street hehehe. that was fun as well. after leaving the backroute, we needed to stop to put on some chains (i'm paranoid) as the snow and wind started picking up. while stopped, our car just started slipping downhill. thank god for awd, we took off with some difficulty...my gf saw the volvo awd in action. 3 wheels were @ standstill and the car was moving off power from 1 wheel [img]smile.gif[/img] we moved the car up the hill about 10-20 feet with that. from there everything else was fine. slipped the chains on and went on our merry way.

now, come the 1st....there was a huge storm that apparently had gone through. my volvo had about 1 foot of new snow on it and 50 was closed (rumor) for a while due to avalanche control. so...with new years traffic leaving, avalanche control and chain control, it was hell leaving. we got upset so picked up a couple of hitchhikers and drove them a little bit, rented a video and went to look for a gas station NOT along hwy 50 with no luck. that was unsuccessful so we filled at mobil and started driving around looking at the map to see if we could go the back route [img]smile.gif[/img] we found a way so went that way and i got stranded on a snow bank from the snowplow hahaha. about 5-6 ppl helped us out as traffic wasn't moving at all for them. from there it took us about 1.5hrs to go 3 miles back to the condo. we waited it out til 4:30pm thinking traffic would clear up. no change. we took of and bickered about stsaying in tahoe 1 more night or not. we chose not to stay and got through to placerville around 9:30pm. reached san jose at midnight.

all in all a fun eventful
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Mello Boy

we skied heavenly till 31st. original plan was to ski on 1st and leave in the afternoon. Heard on 31st - that there is a big storm coming 31st night into new years day - so - decided to
pack up at 5pm and leave town. no chain chain controls - open roads - no traffic - back in the san jose in 4 hours. that was the smartest decision i have made in a long time.

Heard - Hwy 80 was closed throughout new years day for avalanche control.

didn't quite understand what you said about your volvo. Was it slipping despite being AWD. Why did you feel the need to put chains on?
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