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169 Seth right ski for me?

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I am 15, am 5'6" and weigh 125-130. I ski everything (mostly big mountain) at Big Sky. I demoed the K2 Seth and am planning to get them unless there are any other good suggestions. I am thinking a 169 with a +4 mount and a Jester binding. What do you think? Right ski? Right size? Right mounting point? Thanks in advance.
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Sounds good. Enjoy!
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sounds great maybe dont go so far forward though and relize the jesters have no ramp angle at all.
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The reason I would go this far forward is because I dabble in the park and like to go switch. I figured this is a good mounting point for this reason and the fact that it will provide a bit more versatility in terms of turning in trees and tight chutes etc.
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i love my 169 seths (salomon s912ti) i am 5' 7" 165lbs and mounted mine +2. great ski no complaints
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So would +4 still be too far forward based on what and how I ski?
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Why +4 ? That seems like too much unless you know something we don't. Normally people end up going +2 or +2.5, but it really depends on your boot size and where your BOF lies in the boot.
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I am not certain on the mounting point, so that is why I asked for advice. My boots are 302 mm by the way.
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My boot size & weight are similar to yours. I recommend +1 or +2. If you go too far forward, you won't like it in pow
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My initial decision was to go +2/+3, but then I figured +4 would allow for better switch riding and occasionally the park run. Will +4 dramatically change the dynamics of the ski in pow and crud?
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Most people who are going to ride Seths exclusively in pow go -2, so going +4 is going to throw soft snow performance way off. Its not a ski that I would go further than +2 on unless I were going to spend every day in the park.
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I've skied the SV at 0 and +4, and there is a big difference in how it performs in pow. +4 makes it alot more turny but when it gets really deep, you have to sit back to keep from going over the handlebars. So how deep does it get where you ski?
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I ski at Big Sky so we get quite a bit of snow. With all this info I am definitely leaning more towards +2. Just to make sure, we are all talking about from mid-sole right? I didn't know you would ever want to go back from mid-sole as TakeControl said, but obviously I was wrong.
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yup, midsole.
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Ok, I got the skis and am mounting them tomorrow and I have decided on +2. I am glad I asked and didn't make a mistake by going +4. Thanks to everyone for all of the help.
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I have not received the Seth's yet, but have been over on the K2 forums, and no matter the terrain skied, it seems like nobody is recommending going less than +3. On this site, many people are recommending nothing over +2. I am not saying one is right, but why such a drastic difference? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question.
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That's a different demographic from the type of person that posts here (or TGR, for that matter). They're mostly teenage park dwellers who make most of their gear decisions based on what what they see in magazines and in movies. Folks on these boards generally use what's been proven by other skiers to work.
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Ok thanks for that. . . I definitely feel more confident now. All of you guys have been a lot of help. Can't wait until I receive my skis tomorrow! :
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Listen, if you really care about this, then you need to determine the proper mount point for YOU. Find out where in your ski boot your ball of foot (BOF) lies. You can get within 1cm pretty easily by tapping on the boot or even eyeballing it. Make a mark on your boot sole where the BOF lies. As an example, for me, BOF is 6.5cm in front of the midsole mark, and I have 325mm soles on a 28.0 shell.

Now find the forward and rear contact points of the ski by laying it flat on a table. Mark these points on the ski. Using a tape measure and straight edge, find the halfway point between these two marks and mark it as well.

Put the boot on the ski so that the BOF mark on the boot is over the halfway mark on the skis. This is a good mount for all-mountain use and carving. I would not go any forward of this unless you only ski in the park. For powder, you may want to go back a couple cm.
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Another question: Do most shops mount BOF on the line as you just stated or boot center on the line? I don't know too much about this so that's why I am asking. Thanks
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+2 will be fine. that where my 189 are mounted and they ski everything well, and ski powder almost as well as my gotamas.

FYI Seth's runs his 189s +2 as well.
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I am sure they will work perfectly. I will post my first impressions once I finally get to ski on them.
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I didn't know if this required a new thread or not, so I put it here. . .

So I finally got a few days on those Seth's and boy are they amazing. Big Sky has gotten 15-20 inches of snow this week, and these skis handled it better than any ski I have been on. They experienced basically no tip dive, and once the fresh got skied off, they busted through the crud like none other. They are not the best on the groomers, but carve well enough to be a good everyday ski. I took them into the park for a run, and they performed adequately in there. As a bonus, the graphics are very cool. It's very hard to find a short coming, and without a doubt these are the best skis I've been on.
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glad you like them. I find on groomer they reward like any other fat skis aggressive active weight transfer to outside foot, and lots of speed. These are better at GS turns than any other 90-105 mm waisted ski have owned including my chershed and dead gotamas. I would say my old gotamas were better short turners on groomers.
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I have never skied the gotamas but have only heard good things. The people that love them seem to REALLY love them.
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