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looking for a helmet

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i got a big watermelon of a head and am looking to purchase a helmet. i also want a white one. the g10 L (the largest size they make doesn't come close). i tried a couple boeri XXL on and they were just a little small. any idea on a good helmet that is made in large sizes?
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Big Helmet

U.S. MARINE CORPS., Afganistan I hear is having a good snow year.

Sorry I couldn't resist. Pete
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Hi. Try Bern's website for sizing. They make up to XXXL. I went with an XXL which I found at Sugar Bowl. Otherwise I would have needed to mail order one. Good luck.

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Try Leedom Helmets. All of my big headed family wears them.
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Giro's are huge in comparison to Boeri's. I made the mistake of buying a Boeri last year, I'll have to buy a Giro this year. The Boeri's fit a more oblong head better, the Giro's fit a more rounded head. (for reference I've got a size 7.5 fitted cap, and the giro's fit great)
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i have a 63.5cm head
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Every brand of helmet will fit differently.


Find a store that has a wide selection and prepare to spend some serious time trying on various makes, models, and sizes.
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i have done this at many stores. most people wear M. most stores therefore stock mostly M. very few stores have more than one or two XXL+ in stock if any and therefore going to stores is often a waste of time. thats why i posted on here to keep me from ordering a zillion helmets on the internet. thanks for your unhelpful post.
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