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U.P. of Michigan - Bohemia and The Porkies

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For those of you who have been to Mount Bohemia and / or The Porkies, I have a couple of questions.

First, is Bohemia as nice as it looks on their web site, or is it internet hype? When can I expect good enough snow cover to experience their back/side country?

Anyone experience the cat skiing at the Porkies? Same snow cover question. What is the terrain like?


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No hype to Mt. Boho. As long as you understand that it's only 900' tall I doubt very seriously that you'll be disappointed. As far as snow, yeah they do need some good depth for the best stuff to open.

Last time I was there (almost two years ago) they didn't feel they had enough coverage to open the Extreme Backcountry but lots of peeps were poaching it with good results. I see that they're planning to open it up this weekend so it must be looking pretty good up there.

If you have doubts, give 'em a call. They've always been real honest with me, sometimes saying, "Don't make the drive, it's not worth it right now."

Sorry, can't give any info on The Porkies
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tred carefully at Mt.Boho

bumpfreaq is right--call first and get an honest answer. I have done Bohemia twice--once fabulous, once a waste. Keep in mind I think they only opened for a few weeks ALL last season. IF they get a generous dump on a solid base, it's great and the 'extreme' will be open. And it is pretty extreme by anyone's standards--very narrow glades, lots of ledges--not for the faint of heart. MtB does not groom--ever--on anything. They also expect the snow cover to bury the stumps and boulders not cleared from the original site--and they are numerous. This means you need some fresh to make it work. The UP has been getting major dumps this month--you may get lucky!
Porkies are OK but it has two tow ropes and one chair-a double from about 1950! but it's a state park and the tickets really cheap. Great views of Lake Superior from the top.
for my money, I would rather have the choices at 'big snow country' than that at Porcupine. Going there on 12/26
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Porkies is a nice place.Been sking there for over 30 years. It is all natural snow. Coverage is usually great from mid january through the end of the season. the best way to detrmine coverage of the snow is to either look at the local cross counrty ski reports or snowmobile reports. They seem to give you a more realistic detemination of coverage. Here is the web site I use for this info www.westernup.info Very few people go there overall. you can boom down a run or carve turns without being concerned about other people in the way. Only 2 green runs (great for racing and about a mile long)Several blues and several blacks which are never groomed. The "Double" black porupine plunge is a good run with at least 10 jumps but needs good snow coverage. lodging is limited. The view of Lake Superior is outstanding. Only 2 lifts but from what I understand this year only one lift and the snow cat skiing. Last year we went snow cat sking. It takes you to some great runs through the trees. We went when they had a recent storm so coverage was not an issue. I am looking forward to now cat sking this year The "lodge" and ski shop has been run by the same family for over 20 years and they are very freindly and great people. My children learned home to ski there when they were 3 & 4 years old. We go to the porkies several times a year. With the Bohemia and Porkies pass for $124.00 it is a great deal.
Bohemia is just like its hype. If you like tree sking and ungroomed runs this is the place. Last year they oppened the "Outer Limits". outstanding area with cliffs steeps and trees. If you are not a good skier this is not the place. The only "Blue" run is farily steep and narrow at the top and as the rest of the runs it is not groomed. Loging in Houghton is available and decent.
What is nice about both places is the friendly atmosphere, decent sking, fewer people, natural snow and nobody bothersyou if you bring your own cooler of beer and food in the lodge.
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