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Hello All.

I have been alpine skiing for only about 3 years now but love it and have decided that I want to give tele a try. I'm sure I'll be served up many slices of humble pie but you have to start somewhere right?

I wanted to ask anyone in the Colorado Springs area if they have rented tele gear before (boots and skis). I want to try it out before really getting in to it financially. Any suggestions on where to rent the gear from would be great.

Also if you have any suggestions on technique or beginner methods, let em rip.

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Good for you! You might try The Ski Shop or Mountain Chalet. REI definitely has tele rentals but I don't know if there's one in CO Springs.
Also check out telemarktips.com. A great resource for teleing.

Recommend finding an experienced tele skier to give you some tips. While the basic technique is unchanged over time, shorter shaped skis has made it a LOT easier. It really is not that hard and is very analogous to DH skiing.

I took up teleing because I have a house near a "small" (1,300' vert) hill in Maine. There's no real challenge on DH boards. I now spend 60-70% of the time on tele skis. In many ways, it is more fun! Good luck! :
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Tele rentals

Hey everyone,

not sure if anyone else is looking but I went down to Mtn Chalet here in Colorado Springs earlier this week and you can rent the full tele package for $30 for a weekend. (pick up Friday, return Monday) Anyone in this region looking to learn tele? I think I'm going to shoot for Jan 26 at the Basin for a 3 hour clinic and take it from there!!
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