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Volkl Twin Tips

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What's up guys, just got rid of my 06/07 Karma's for a set of new bridge'
s. I loved the Karma's and would have kept them without a doubt but my brother wanted them so badly and coudn't find a decent used set so we worked out a deal where I got the fatter Bridges he took my Karma's and I made up the difference. Question though, looking back at the Karma dimensions @177 the sidecut is 20.2 meters, the Bridge @177 is 19.9... granted this is only a .3 difference, why doesnt the wider ski have a larger radius....also will the .3 make me catch more edges in the moguls, from what I read, people tend to rip moguls better with a higher radius....wierd, 5 mm fatter but lower radius...aka..."more" (clearly not much) of a carver. yet volkl seems to think its more of a big mountain than the karma...

nonetheless....still going crazy waiting to bust these out...going to be too much fun
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bump for thoughts?
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you wont notice .3 meter difference in sidecut. Unless you have super human foot dyno.

the bridge is market as more of a big mountain ski because of its overall wider width. Its got a turnier sidecut due to wider tip and tail proportionally to its is waist width than the karmas.

I think you should be fine and really need to stop over thinking these things. Take some pictures and post a TR when you get them out there for us.
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Will do, I'm picking them up from the shop on friday so I'll get pics up...the only reason I am overthinking things is because over the last year I've really started to learn the physics and exactitudes of the ski dimensions and etc....its really fascinating to me..
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Ski width doesn't determine the turn radius, it's the tip, tail, and waist dimensions that do. So it is possible to have a wider ski with a smaller turn radius. If you're into the "physics and exactitudes", here's the formula for radius:

Radius = L^2 / (2*Tip + 2*Tail - 4*Waist)


Tip is the tip width
Tail is the tail width
Waist is the waist width
L is the linear distance from the Tip to Tail (where the respective width points are measured).
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