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RX6 size question

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I recently bought a pair of RX6's from my local shop after alot of research and review reading, the question I have is the sizing they suggested. I spend most my time skiing with my wife and kids at moderate speeds, never fast. I have skied for 20 yrs and am a upper level Int and am 6 ft 240 they strongly suggested the 165s ........any input on the size?? I hope its not to short, what would the 170 honestly give me over the 165? i get to ski 2 weeks a year in MT.............Thanks for the help!!!
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The Fischer website says 165, 170, or 175cm for your height and intermediate skill level. Within that range, you can use weight to narrow it down. I'd recommend the longer lengths just because you are so heavy for your height.

I'm 6'1", 190lb and a skill level above you. On the RX-8 and RX-9 cousins of the RX-6, I have been skiing 175cm or 180cm comfortably. Since the RX-6 is a lot softer than the 8 or 9, it's already going to be easier to ski (hence the intermediate rating). I just don't see the need to go short in that ski for your situation. I think you'd be happy on the 170cm and could think about the 175cm if you skied at higher speeds. 240lb is a lot on a 165cm intermediate ski.
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I ski an RX6 in 170cm -- I'm 6'0, 220lbs, about your skill level. I'm happy with that ski, but would probably enjoy the 165 or 175, too. I do wonder what 20 more pounds on my ski would do, though... But if you're toodling around the slopes with the wife and kids (as I enjoy, also), a perfect length fit may not be that important...??
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The Fischer RX-6 has a wide performance envelope. It has much more performance built into it than many "intermediate" skis and it's certainly no noodle.

If it were me I'd likely go with 170cm. At your height and weight I think 170cm will likely work very well for cruising around in MT on mostly groomed runs with the wife and kids at moderate speeds. I know of good skiers who ski on the RX-6 and like it a lot.

The Fischer RX-6 is a carving ski intended to be skied in shorter lengths which is probably why the shop guys recommended 165cm for skiing with the family. Its sidecut is about mid-way between the Fisher RX-8 (Slalom carver) and Fischer RX-9 (GS carver). While I respect the shop's recommendation, I think that a 170cm length will work a little better all-around and still be easy to turn at moderate speeds.

I wouldn't go longer unless I intended to do a lot of fast GS type skiing or was a lot heavier than you are. If I wanted a high speed GS race carver, I'd choose a different ski in the Fischer line. I think that The RX-6 @ 180cm length is overkill for skiing with the family at moderate speeds and will be not be as easy to carve turns with or be as responsive as a shorter ski.

I'm a little shorter and lighter than you but am familiar with Fischer skis generally, and the RX-8 and RX-9 personally, though I've never skied on the RX-6.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
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