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Ski Boot Stiffness

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What's up guys. Last September I picked up a pair of Tecnica Diablo Flames. They are hot form, and quite expensive, but they are only 90 flex. I only weighed about 170-175 at the time and they were good for the whole season. Towards the end of the season, as I put on some weight at school and worked the boots a little harder, they started to get a little soft on me. Now that I weight about 200lbs (I know I turned myself fat and this is my own fault!, butnonetheless) I fear the boots will not be stiff enough. I have really notched up my skiing in the last few seasons and with the extra weight, I think the 90 flex could be a problem- what do you guys think.

Plain and simple I cannot afford to get a new boot. Unless their was a budget boot people recommeded, but with higher stiffness tends to be higher there anyway to stiffen my current boots get some added stiffness out of a 90 flex, or am I over thinking this and a 90 should suffice?

Plus how much does a new boot+custom fit at a good shop can be from 600-1000, so i imagine as high as 1100!? thats outrageous!
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You might be able to stiffen up those boots by bolting parts of the shell together, changing liners, or some other method. I'll let someone with more knowledge chime in.
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Or you could loose weight.
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Originally Posted by Taxman View Post
Or you could loose weight.
I knew that would be the reaction! I made my bed drinking beer and eating crummy. Even if I lost like twenty pounds got down to 180, I still think the boots have been too packed and I'm to agressive of a skier for a 90 flex to hold me.
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New boots I'm afraid. Bolting may help somewhat.

How about buying a stiffer pair of used technicas and keep your liners?
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Seriously, it is highly likely that the additional weight that you put on has not only affected your ability to flex or over flex the boot, but has most likely significantly effected the overall fit of your boot. Your foot will be a tighter fit in the boot and the additional weight will cause greater spreading of your foot inside the boot.

I had the opposite issue when I brought my weight down by 10kg from 95kg to 85kg (just double for lbs, close enough). I changed from skiing in an Atomic B series to a Lange Comp 100. Previously I would not have got near a Lange boot.
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Yeah, I figured new boots was the only way, guess I'll just save up money and address the problem in the offseason, unless some incredible deals come my way....anyways....what exactly is it safe (aka, will it affect the integrity of the boot to the point that I am putting my ankles or legs at easy or hard is it to do... etc)

also, is there any sense in reheating the liner and molding again, or should I let it remold over the season because of the added weight and probably bigger foot gerth....
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take em to a boot fitter and have them look at bolting the shell, it may not be the final answer but it will keep you going while you save for a new pair, i hve stiffend tecnicas in this way before and had no problems reported

good luck
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Hi GotVolkl?
I'm not a boot-fitter, so can only tell you from personal experience that I've had nothing but positive results re-heating the liners. I've got an earlier Technica boot model, the Alu-Icons with Hot Form liners, and I've remolded them at the beginning of each of the last three seasons.
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Sounds like a plan...will go see my local boot fitter today, see what kind of options are much do you think bolting them runs
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on the opposite side of the pond from you but we would charge the equivilent to $40 -$50 but i may be cheap or expensive
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that's absolutely doable. thanks guys.
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It was 50/hour at the shop I worked at. I would not reheat the liners because if they are already packed out from weight gain it will only make things worse. I think your best cost effective solution is to find a stiffer shell that is used, maybe Ebay, the gear swap here or at tgr. You can soften a boot pretty easily, but stiffening it up is a lot tougher.
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