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Acro (Ballet) & Synchro (Demo) Skiing

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I moved this from Skiing Technique and Instruction to this area, because I thought it fit better here. In SCSA's "note/rant" topic "over there", an interesting point was brought up about stylish or pretty skiing.

As a youngster, I was pretty hyped up about mogul sking, and still am. But I also dabbled with what used to be called "Ballet Skiing". I thought it was a lot of fun, and really neat looking, and learned a few tricks. Most of us remember Suzy Chafee... anybody remember a guy by the name of O'Leary?

And of course, there's the Powder 8's and Syncro Team skiing. I wish these things would get more exposure to the general skiing public.



Acro Skiing

Acro Skiing on Blades

What amazes me, is how little information on Acro or Ballet Skiing ther is on the web. Really nothing about the 70's. Hardly a mention of Jan Bucher, '91 champ! : Well, this stuff did happen before the Internet got popular...

Here's an interesting web article... SkiingMag.com's Stephen Drake Interview about competive freesking:

A.H.: At one point in your article, you say that "The future of freeskiing is stylish skiing, not hospital air." What exactly do you mean, and why do you think that’s the direction in which freeskiing is going—or maybe the direction in which it should go?

S.D.: Those are just my own crazy feelings. That’s what I get for growing up admiring Scot Schmidt…the way he skis, it’s just really beautiful. I think that’s where the art is, to be able to throw your body into those angles, to be able to ski those kinds of lines. It’s just so beautiful. Airing to me is super cool, but a lot of people who really can’t ski can air. It’s also like the race car appeal…big airs! A guy hucking himself off something huge will draw someone in who’s never really skied before. And personally, I love taking air, but for something to really be an art—like flying off snow as gracefully and as powerfully as you can—it should take lots of years to practice and learn. And there aren’t many people who can do it at such a high level. That’s what should be most admired. But it’s the whole package, too. And air is part of it.
Didn't the Japanese have some interesting demo skiing competitions going on a few years ago? With the skiers being judged on technique more than brute force and speed?

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SK, I beleive that Ballet, disappeared from
the GP (General Public) view, when it did not make the Olimpycs, the year that acro jump and moguls sking did.
After that, it pretty much disappeared from the scenes (at least here in Italy) and from the TV screens.
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Must resist....natural urge to....say what I want on topic of synchro.....

I would say it's fortunate that more people, esp. non-skiers, don't get exposed to synchro/ballet/powder 8s. That's the type of stuff that was dragging the sport down in the 80's.
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Must agree with philth. This is the kind of stuff that makes skiing look really dorkey. I actually watched a bit of the "Battle of the Ski Schools" last year at Whistler. While the level of skiing was very impressive, especially the Austrian team that did synchro short turn javelins to illusions. But the coolest part was when some kid poached the course behind one of the teams and threw a nice 360 mute grab. Of course, there were snowboarders and tele skiers taking part too, so it was not just alpine poodles.
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