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so I picked up some 189cm Seths

The skis
189cm Seth Viscious
130-98-118 wish I knew the sidecut for the 179 is 21meters I am guessing this ski is 25 meters.
mounted at plus 2 cm from the back most mount point. this one done in hopes of being able to drive the tip better

they look like this..

other notes about the skis they are long much longer than 189cm we measured with a tape measurer from tip to tail they measure 195cm, k2 measures only the contact length to tail up turn hence the reasoning for the huge difference.

other takes on the skis, K2 skis is the only company that can pull off 'loud' graphics IMO. My PEs are ok but these rock. Very visually interesting with tons of stuff going on. from the details like seth backflipping a cliff on the right skis. To girl shadow in the green. To the real zipper and clothes pin in the tails of the skis. I usually just buy skis because they ski well. I bought these because they were cheap and should ski well(they do IMO) but I am compelled to tell you that this ski diffently has a 'cool" factor like nothing else I have owned.

its all about me...

5'11 175lb
Level 9 high speed skier
prefers offpiste softer snow, can skis nearly 100 percent of nearly any mountain.
Dablello Kryptons Set up with Stiff tongue, and one stiff plug.
My 'other" skis this year..
173cm Fisher Rc4 GS WC -Salomon 914
179cm K2 Public Enemy - Look Px12ti
183cm Volkl Gotama ..not dead yet I found a single ski
185cm Atomic Snoop Daddy - Naxo NX21(review to come while when I ski them)
192cm Atomic Thug - Marker Duke(no snow time yet on these skis I want to keep them nice)

The ski is also extremely heavy while holding it, mounted with look px12ti I think it is heavier than my old 162cm metron B5. while skiiing it is noticable by being a little harder to ollie small trail obstacles (not good) and its also noticable be being much better in chop/crud/GS turning moguls field because it doest get throw around as much as my gotamas.(very good). I have no clue how doug coombs skinned on these damn things.
The skis is stiff, long, and not quick turner by nature. this make it an ideal crud/chop skis that can just be edged pressure and driven where you want it to go. Unlike my gotamas or a bluehouse district it doenst get frazzled at speed in chop. Only skis I have skied that would be better in chop IMO are 189cm and 194cm squads and 183cm IM103s. The stability lends it self very well to landing drops and straight lining. Also the edge hold is superb, you can rail shitty snow to your heart is content on them.

Groomers- the progressive snowboard esque sidecut draws the tip into the turn very quickly and is damp stable with some energy at the end of the turn. Make no mistake its not RC4 its no PE but is works well enough to make dynamic turns with some deliberate movements and some more pressure on the outside ski than what narrower skis need. The ski carves clean railroad tracks turns at 30-50 mph with not much effort. Its better on groomer at speed than the 183 volkl gotama I had but is by no means 'playful". Short turns are doable but no where nears as easy as anything else in my quiver.

bumps/chutes/trees - not like you really have to 'ski" the bumps. You can just GS turns and destroy them if you want. I mean there is a skull that says destroy on the tips. but remember seth was a big time bump skier from colorado, its no surprise to me that given some better technique and some more aggression you could run zipperlines even if it was alittle old school style. It tired it me out faster than normal, the PEs are for obvious reasons much better bumps skis. Trees and tight chutes are easy enough, but personally I prefer the gotama in stuff like this because its much easier to ski.

powder havent had a real powder day on them yet but the couple of untracked turns I have had have been near gotama levels of float. I will update more on this after this weeks storm I bet they are pretty good.

Bottom line, I think a strong inter can have fun on a gotama. for this skis in a 189cm I think only a small percentage of people really apply to this ski. If you like to go really fast in wide open space but still want a ski that is useable at slow speed this would be a great ski. Its rips I really love it, i am much less worried about taking it out due to conditions than the gotama or thugs(well when I actaully ski them).