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The Story of Tog

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Lest we forget our old pal Tog, I recieved an email from him today and he is alive and well. The update is he is still working on the World Trade Center disaster along with part time at his day job. He is also waiting, patiently, for some snow to drop so he can get back to being a ski instructor. He says hi to everyone and hopes to be able to come online and drop a note soon.
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Psychic Minker! I was just about to post the same thing! He's working 2 days a week at Ground Zero, and then 3 days at his actual job! Did you get to hook up with him in NYC? We will be seeing him at Okemo the first weekend of January.
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Thanks one and all for the Tog update. Extraordinary effort when world attention is now focused in other directions. That is not to say that ground zero is forgotten, just to many other things happening.

Whoever connects with Tog, wish him all the best and a big "thanks" for his hard work and dedication.
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Actually, LM, he was responding to the email I sent him pre-turkey trying to meet up in NYC. He only got it yesterday! He's working his arse off.
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We met up with him for dinner in Ludlow on Friday evening. He is volunteering at one of the warehouses that collects supplies and delivers them directly to the people working at ground zero.

On Sunday afternoon, we got to ski with him, and he is quite lovely to watch! Even though we were not taking a lesson from him, from the few tips he gave us, he is quite an excellent instructor!
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He's a hero.
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