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Adjusting Flex of Lange Boots

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I have a pair of Lange Freeride Comp 120's. I'd like to soften the flex. They have 2 screw on the back of the boot, one above the other.

I know they can be removed to soften the boot, and I know removing both will make them softer.

Is there any adjustablility, by just loosening the screws? They both have locktite on them so they shouldn't move if they were looser. I just wanted to know if this is recommended. Its hard for me to tell how much affect any of this has, since my boots stiffen up so much when cold.

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I have L-10's with a similiar little hex adjuster and here is as Glen Beck would say ... "What I Know" ..

Fitter #1 .. the boots are set at the factory, you just have one stronger leg, no adjustment needed.

Fitter #2 ... A friend who is good but gave it up .. he had me stand in the boots and adjusted the flex with those nuts .. he did not use any locktite and they were way better with the flex not only even but a little softer.

Fitter #3 .... Greg Hoffman at GMO .... I don't know what he did ... but the nuts are still there ... but ... he also tore the boot apart and there was plastic flying into a scrap heap ... "you don't need all of this crap in here" .... The fit is now perfect and I dread going through this again since he moved west.

Post this in the boot forum ..
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Yea, I think that helped?
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I pulled the top screw out of mine and it made a difference. I like them this way.
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Lange Boots Flex?

but seriously, look at the structure inside and see if there's any excess plastic that could be trimmed or dremeled out - you can increase the flex that way if the screws aren't doing the right trick for you.

Just be thoughtful about it, and, if you really don't feel comfortable (there is a lot to understand about the engineering of the shell) take them to a pro boot fitter and have them hogged out a bit. It can be the difference between love and hate.
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I have the comp 120 and skiied in them at bump camp this summer. I needed a bit more flex and the boot fitter pulled out the little screw/grommet thing you are talking about it. It did make the flex a bit softer and I plan to start this year without those in. That should do the trick.
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