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about snowy ski resorts. Interesting read. Never knew that Mt Baker got soo much snow!
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Never knew that Mt Baker got soo much snow!
That's like saying you didn't know there were back bowls at Vail.
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Please try to avoid using "Baker" and "Vail" in the same post. It's like hugging your buddy and talking about your penis. You can do one or other, but not both at once.
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Harry, Laughing here at the ... notion ... I think? Anyway, not that we want any more people skiing Baker than already do, in fact, let me set the record straight ... WE DON'T. In light of getting that out of the way, I was at Baker Saturday, wish I was there today, will be there Tuesday and Wednesday, god how I love Baker when it snows hard ... and for only us "local ears" ... I hear it may be snowing up there. Everyone else, I'm not even certain it has opened yet.
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Only 11" new today, compared to 19" yesterday. Good thing it's all "gloppy snow" though, isn't it.

I can't believe the crowds lately - I think the weak dollar is bringing more loonies. The BC hikes are starting to look like Chilkoot pass back in '96.

One nice thing about Baker though - it just isn't worth visiting if you're not from the area. Too far from anywhere, no amenities, no slopeside accommodations. So we can get all the snow we want, and all the vacationers can just keep skiing the rockies.
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Agree regarding the crowds. Interesting enough, I rarely ski weekends, was there Sat. because it had been awhile, talk about criwds, coupled with the fact they delayed opening chair 7 til 9:30, and delayed opening chairs 6 & 1 until about 10:30, AND
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OOPS, THEN YOU HAD TO HAVE FULL AVY GEAR FOR THE NEXT HOUR ... "INBOUNDS". And because half the mtn was closed, the other half, on a Sat. was stupidly busy, ... but still, ALL GOOD. Now that is truly Baker skiing, gotta love it.
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It'll mellow out on the weekends somewhat soon because Stevens Pass is getting quite a bit of new as well. They have all of the front side open except 7th Heaven and Double Diamond and I'll bet that the whole area will be open this weekend. That will divert a lot of Seattle area folks. I can't get up until Saturday and then I have two weeks of skiing which will only be interrupted by Christmas. Save some snow for me.
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Hey Pousaune and Harry,
If we are ever at Baker at the same time/day, seems like easy math to me, I'd like to at least say hi to you, maybe introduce myself, almost feels like it's appropriate. Happy trails and skiing, ed. And Pousaune, read your posts about you taking the bus to Whistler one day - back LATE that night, and then going again the next day to Baker. First, I hope you had a great day up north, second, if in fact you made it to Baker the next day you are more hard core than me, and from one ol' man to the next, damn I hate saying that. Best regards, lol.
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I'm more hard core in my mind than in reality. We skied so hard on Friday that I couldn't get myself up for more on Sat. We went gun to gun and there were no lines. I have no idea how much vertical we clocked, but it was significant. This was my first day up this year and these 54 yr. old legs were trashed.

My schedule is to spend several days next week at Baker. The week following I'll be at my cabin near Stevens, then back to Baker for the following weekend.
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God, if that doesn't sound like me. Skied Baker yesterday, incredible day, went with a neighbor, a young and apparently "in very good condition" 49 year old. He's skied 25 years or so, used to work at Baker, ski patrol, etc. beautiful skier, he didn't even want to stop for lunch (I insisted), skied the fresh pow stashes in the stickey trees most all day, fantastic day, no crowds at all, his goal was to ski from top to bottom (and ski hard) w/o stopping, He is a skier who is very fun to watch - on top of his skis at all times, fast and turning in control, light, bouncy, etc., me trying to keep up and having little form, wishing I was a better skier, - but always smiling, and at the end of the day (I mean closing time end of the day), my quads were on fire (hasn't happened much and now I know why - haven't pushed as hard as I need to), all was very humbling but a wonderful time, quads seem fine this morning, lower back only as stiff as a board - all good, taking the ski day off, body, mind and wallet need to work today. Love your quote, "I'm more hard core in my mind than reality" - AMEN.
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