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Help me with first helmet

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I am 38 years old and will be buying my first helmet. my son is now skiing with me (with a helmet) and I need to set a good example.

I have been skiing for 20 plus years and will be racing on a weekly beer league (first time racing). That being said I think I want hard ears or a racing helmet. I want something nice and don't mind spending money for a quality product.

My questions....
Do I or should I worry about a chin guard?
What helmets do you have and what do you like or dislike about them?
If money was no object what would you get and why?

Thanks for all input.
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Giro fuse or G10. Hopefully Santa's listening.
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Try this link: http://www.skihelmets.com/

In the upper right side is a box with topics like how to determine correct helmet for our size/shape head, how to properly fit, etc....

I too chose to buy a helmet at 38 - my biggest isues were some felt bulky, some interfered with the periphery of my vision, and some did not feel right.

Try a bunch on and find one that feels like it barely holds on to your head (should not squeeze..the strap is not used to secure the helmet), is light, and does not block your vision.

I bought a Gyro 9 and like it. But I have a long, not round head. I like the fit, the venting, soft ear flaps (keep your ears warm), and it is light - I barely know it's there.
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No need to go full face if that is what you mean by a chin guard. Get something that fits, and is warm. I don't know if this is important to you but most Giro's can be fitted for earphones/cell phones. I take calls all day long on my helmet and to tell you the truth, the calls sound better with my ski helmet then they do sitting at my desk.
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Thanks so far, any other opinions as far as hard or soft ear covers for slalom racing.
As far as chin guard I meant the bar not a full face. The salesman at my local shop told me I would want one after a gate hit me in the face.
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Chin guard - nah. How much SL are you going to be doing?

I like my Boeri.

You should prob look for something with open and closeable vents. Make sure compatible with your goggles.

Once you go helmet you will never go back.
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POC has some nice helmets and they have a flush chin guard that doesn't look like the "neck snappers" that I had for a Boeri, Carrera and a few others.

Chin guard is probably overkill ... my kid ran lots of J1 & 2 SL .... hardly anyone bothered with them.
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OK so it sounds like a chin gaurd is not needed (wich is kind of what I thought).

What about hard ear covers?

I like the Giro omen with the speakers in the earpads. I know a lot oif people dislike music on the slopes but I will have my music, so please dont debate this hear.

Would an omen be good for sl racing?
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Originally Posted by Yuki View Post
POC has some nice helmets
I saw an ad recently for a new POC helmet that is supposedly designed to be used in multiple disciplines (i.e. snow, dirt, etc). Anyone know anything about it? In theory, it seems like you could save some $$$, unless you just end up replacing it more often b/c of the additional use versus a dedicated helmet for each sport.
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