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Risers revisited

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If they're fat, go flat. That was the rule of thumb for a long time, but for carvers, a lot of bindings had a 10mm or more riser plate standard not long ago. I did a search and a couple years ago everybody was using some amount of rise on everything but pure powder boards. All my skis today are 90+ mm waists but I use them all mountain. I have 10 mm plate under Sollie 912's on my Mantras and believe that it helps initiate turns quicker- I'd have to take it off and do a back to back test to be sure, but they sure are quick with this set up. I have two other pairs with 90+ waists but can't find any lifters- Sollie doesn't even make them anymore, just flat to ski. The lift is irrevelivent in pow, it's to and from I'm interested in.
So the question is: Does this lift really help when levering over a fat ski on hardpack? - if so, where'd they go? Or should I just mount flat and forget about it.

An interesting aside is that all demo bindings have 20mm+ lift built in to accomodate the track. How does this effect performance?
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Lift helps on any ski by reducing the amount of torque required to put them on edge. And it helps by the same amount, in terms of raw numbers, on a narrow ski and a wide ski. Thing is, the relative effect on a wide ski is a lot harder to notice -- you'd have to go to much larger edge angles to feel it, compared to a narrow ski.

I just ran some numbers for guidance. On a narrow ski, you would notice 10-15% more torque over the edges from 10mm lift, at very modest edge angles (6 deg or so). You'd have to go to 50% higher edge angles to get the same relative benefit on wider skis.

So the overall answer is, yes, lift can improve edging on a wide ski, but it will never make it competitive with a narrow ski. It will just make the wide ski feel like a slightly less wide ski when edged.

Personally, I like no lift on wide skis, it just makes them feel more stable and more planted underfoot.
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