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Problems with my PE's

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I am having problems with my 07 public enemy. They won't hold an edge on hard pack or "ice". I ski around northern Michigan. The edges are set at 92. I used moon flex stones starting at 100 then ending at 400 grit. They felt sharp, but they just didn't hold an edge. My girlfriend was having the same problem as she has k2 missdemeanor skis, edges set the same as mine. Both skis have tyrolia rail flex bindings set at +1.5 from all mountain. I moved mine up 1.5 to +3. I did notice that my tails were dull on the initial tune but didn't think any thing of it. I know the pe is a great ski but I think I might be doing something wrong.

Thanks In advace
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I noticed the same lack of ice grip on my Volants which are also set to a two degree side bevel.

I think if your reset your edges to a three degree side bevel you will find more bite on the ice. I don't know if you will need to use a sidewall planer before doing this, side walls do gum up files a bit. (As for my Volant's I just left them at 2 and don't use them on ice; they are for deeper snow)
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the factory tune on these skis is among the sharpest you will ever get in fact IMO to sharp.

use .5 and 3 degree and you will be good to go. The factory tune is 0 and 2.5, which is not what K2 says it is.
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PEs aren't exactly the best skis for very hard snow or ice -- don't be so quick to assume it's a problem with the edges. Out of my quiver of skis, I would group the PEs with the softer snow skis in the bunch.
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skier219 did you leave the edge go or get a new ski prep BS done by a shop
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Not the best carving skis out there, but besides that PEs have about a 20 m radius. If you're trying to carve short turns on ice, good luck with that.
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The tops are ugly too. The skis know this and behave accordingly. Somewhere there is a thread on how to fix that.

Also I find that when I ski a fatter ski on hard pack it helps to up the cant of my boots a bit. The side of the liners compress a little more under the increased pressure so the skis end up edged about right.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
skier219 did you leave the edge go or get a new ski prep BS done by a shop
I didn't do anything special to my PEs. The edge tune was fine right out of the box. I can check what the angles are next time I tune them -- can't remember what I measured last year.
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I noticed when I tuned my 05's 1 and 2 I lost some edge grip going down the slope. Now's I know why.
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so if i buy a 1 degree base and 3 degree edge guides this will help the problem, or is the Public Enemy not very good for skiing on groomers?
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I had a blast carving my PEs on packed powder last year, in fact, they carve extremely well if the snow is packed powder or softer. Get them on ice however, and they are less secure than my other narrower, more traditional all-mountain skis.
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skier219 is spot on. the PE's are great groomers in nice snow, but on ice, they just don't seem to be very good at holding an edge. then CAN edge, but don't hold it very well for long turns
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Not really familiar with those skis. Did you notice a degradation in ice performance or were the skis just not good on ice when you skied on ice for the first time?

I think you may need to accept that certain skis are just not that good on ice. Ice performance is dependent on many ski factors such as longitudinal flex, torsional stiffness, damping, geometry, etc. Other factors such as edge conditions, bindings (i.e. height), boots and skier skill level can also affect ice performance. Beveling your edges can help but you may just have the wrong horse for this race. This is why many of the hardcore skiers on this forum have multiple skis in the quiver for the variety of conditions encountered (and also because they are just plain gear nuts).
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No way did my '06's have a 0 degree base bevel.....ROFL. Probably more like 2 on the base and 1 on the side.

You need a true 1 degree base bevel, and some stiffer bindings....

Other than that, they should grip very well....they are a stiff, and torsionally stiff ski which will grip very well when set up properly.
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