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Izor Carbon?

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I saw a pair of Atomic "Izor Carbon" skis (without a number).
Googling, I could only find info on Izor 9:7, 7:5, 5:3 and 3:1 but not the above.

Is anyone familiar with those skis?

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Saw it here. Looks like 3:1 but I'm not sure
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Someone else will give you a more informed answer, but they do look like the Izor 3.1. If you ARE interested in that ski, Sierra Jim can give you a better deal than your e-bay link... for $229, shipping included:

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Thanks DKN,

From the reviews that I read it looks like the 3:1 will be too limiting for me (guessing level 5 planning to improve a bit).

Also, Sierra doesn't ship to Canada.
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