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Krypton Shell sizing,

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Have been skiing in Krypton Pros for two seasons, 20 days in the boots. Rest of the time in the BC touring.

Came from a pair of Lange L10 with a 323 boot sole length, which as I recall was a 28.5. The person that sold me the Kryptons put me in a 27.5 shell, which, although tight, has been tolerable with a bit of grinding on the footboard and punching out in the big toe area.

However, have lost big toenail the last two seasons, and am wanting to be able to spread my toes out when i ski.

The next larger shell in the Krypton feels "comfortable" in the shop, before molding, and in my experience that means that I will be swimming in the boot once the liner packs out.

Should I go "neanderthal" with the heat gun and punch out the 27.5 shell, or stuff a bunch of bon-tex under the foot bed in the larger shell?

thanks in advance for the help!
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punch out the smaller boot.
much better to make a bit of forefoot width, then try to pad a heel in place. PLus you already have the 27, and would have to buy the 28's
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