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Whats YOUR most liked carving ski

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Yust wondering, out of lets say the last 5 years of skies that have come out what is your favoirit all moutain carve ski somthign you like on steep groomers..

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Steep Groomers?

I like just about any racing ski if the snow's hard.

I like my Fischer WC SCs too.
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I'd never like an all mountain carve ski on steep groomers lol
But if not all mountain:
Atomic GS12 or Fischer rc4 wc sc
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Stockli SC @ 168 ... for snow.

Stockli SL @ 156 for icy stuff.
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WEll not steep steep like jsut your avg easturn double blacks... all mountain all condition but mostly hard paked with softer snow above it
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The Fischer WC SC 150(2003) was an 8 meter radius. I had a WC SC 160 (2003) with
a 10 meter radius. I don't think there were any skis with a tighter radius than those, though the Atomic SL 9 (2003) had different dimensions from the Fischers but when put together were the same.
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Fischer RC4 WC GS (race stock)

for the east, I'd take the SL of the same.

Have 'em both, ski the crap out of them on-piste and off-.
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Jet Fuel.

not many people's version of a carver, but the sandwiched wood/metal/glass/system binding and 20m radius sure as hell allows to arc with the best of them. so much so that I'll never go below an 86 waist for GS arcs again. but I don't ski when it's bullet-proof either. nor do I like short slalom skis. I'm quite sure a WC SL would kick my ass.
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I haven't had a chance to ski on that many shaped skis but my Volkl 6 Stars hold an edge and cruise at speed as good or better than any ski I have ever been on (and that's over 45 years of skiing!). Technology is truly amazing.
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Fischer RX-8 and RX-9.
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If I had to pick one... Volkl Racetiger WC SL 165/ WC GS 187. P70s are up there too.

edit: Actually, I'll take the P70s above the Racetigers.
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Ogasaka Keos GT. Anybody else ever skied it?
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Atomic SX10's
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Blizzard Mag SL's
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Fischer RX8 or Race SC
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tight turns - Elan Ripstix
BIG turns - Head Im103
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I second the Elan Ripstick. I love 'em. Since they stopped making them I have no idea what I will replace them with when the time comes.

Come to think of it that could be the subject of another thread.
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The im103 is a blast on icy groomers. The edges only really engage cleanly at about 30mph on ice and they only stay engaged if you are turning really big.

I haven't really found a ski that I like on shorter turns that was also good at speed since my volkl t50 5*. The metrons were good on groomed but couldn't carve long turns.
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Atomic Metron B5 (yep, I still think it's a great ski)
Fischer RX8
Fischer WC SC
Nordica Doberman SL
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For ripping short turns down steep ice, my 160 Elan SLX Fusion pros are the sweetest skis i've ever ridden. For relaxed high speed cruising on corderoy, the Nordica Top Fuel was smooth, snappy, and suprisingly quick in a 170.
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Another vote for Fischer WC SC, mine are 165s
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Elan SCX
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Seriously, Elan SLX or Dynamic VR27 (Made by Atomic) in 165.
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Originally Posted by Snow7 View Post
Seriously, Elan SLX or Dynamic VR27 (Made by Atomic) in 165.
right... they're like the same ski.
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175cm Fischer Progressor, flawless carving on any firm surface.

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Had some AC2 and some AC3 Unlimted, granted these "all mnt skis", they were excellent on the front side. I also skiied some atomics from 03/04 not sure the exact models, they were aight, but I'm a volkl man.
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Atomic 911 Carver (a little older than 5 yrs but awesome ski) Today Elan Speedwave 14. Fun ski with great edge hold.
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Volkl Superspeeds - Incredible edge hold at high speeds
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For groomers, Stockli Laser Cross.
For ice, Stockli Laser SC or Fischer WC SC.
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Nordica Dobermann SLR or Fischer RC4 WC SL

Both in a 165.
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