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I'm looking for information like where did k-2 start from, What ever happened to
Research Dynamics?
Does anybody make ski's in the U.S.?
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if by "k-2 start from" you mean the origin ofthe name, then I think the name was choosen by the founders in reference to the K2, the mountain, I mean.
Research Dynamics, I don't know of.
Yes, skis are still build in the US, just look around here and you'll find names like "Iggy"...
I thouhgt they had closed down a while ago, but apparently they are back in business...
Like them other small firms are around on both sides of the pond...and I hope it will stay like that.
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To learn about the origins of the name K2:

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Apologies, I should have said that that was the version about the name which was circulating in Italy some years ago...well, one never stops learning.
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No problem, Matteo, it's a common mistake.
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Originally posted by Matteo:

Where's PM's spreadsheet?

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Great!!! Thank's for the info, I really like the ingenious Idea. Ok, can you guy's dig up any more info? I'd like to find out about Research Dynamics, and a contact person. Also how about anything on Hart Ski's

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