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Neptune Mountaineering?

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I just read a thread on another site that decribed several poor experiences at Neptune Mountaineering. I thought I might start a thread here to try to get a little more unbiased opinion of the store.


Any body here have any good/bad trips to Neptune?
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Same old crap from sport store "gods" Gary Neptune is a great guy, but some of his employees have this attitude salesmen=hard core mountain man, customer=gaper.

I remember one guy explaining to me that one simply could not ride Utah's White Rim trail without 4WD support. My wife chirped in, "geez, another girl and I just did it last week, just had to ride a few extra miles to get water" Service grew even worse.

Give the store a chance, and let Gary know if they really are as bad as the TGR thread indicated.
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My wife and I won't shop there either. The sales people have a holier than thou attitude and seem to think unless you have had you picture in a magazine you are not worthy of their attention. They will not take you seriously if you don't fit their idea of how a Boulder god or goddess should look and talk. We know others who have had similiar experiences. Good riddance to them.
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Neptune = tools
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I actually have a friend I vist in Boulder quite often. I went in there once a couple of years ago. Stood around for a good 20 minutes, with the jack offs standing behind the counter talking. I finally left. Very poor service (and a bit of attitude). My friend says she has yet to go back either. I say two thumbs down!
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It's fun over on TGR where Neptune employees who are so angry that someone would complain about them have resorted to personal attacks against the customer and are threatening to find his phone number and his parents phone number to harass them... I guess Gary Neptune only hires from psych ward...

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... Believe it or not i know someone who went to Colorado College and i wonder if they can get your phone number from the directory. I'll have to see. If they can't get your's then maybe they can get your parents and then some of us can call them to let them know what a douche their son is ...
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