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Summit County Dec. 18-25

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We will be staying at Keystone Dec. 18-25. Plan to ski Vail, Keystone, A-Basin if Montezuma is open, Breck.

Anyone want to meet up for a few runs and/or dinner?
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Up for a few turns together at Keystone Dec-Jan13

I am up for a few (or more) turns together at Keystone for the next 4 weeks.
It's been pretty good here. I may be teaching some of the days, but not until the holidays. I am usually on the first chairs when they open at 9 and ski all day. Send me a PM, and we can exchange phone numbers.
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AE, I didn't know you were back out in Summit! Perhaps we'll connect again this year...
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That would be great! I'd love to ski with you again and undertand what I am missing now.I have demoed a bunch of new skis here at Keystone during the demo days and at Gorsuch but can't find anything better for me than my B5s.

What is your schedule like? Do you ever ski at Keystone?
Maybe Vail?
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My schedule is the hard part. I'll ski anywhere! I'm booked through the 5th with family and clients. How long are you in Summit?
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I am here through January 12 and then in March for the spring break.
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