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Last year photo more to come from this years trip!

Thanks Dondenver for your help!!!!!!!
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Tease! Where's the new pics?
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Tease indeed! I heard a few of the stories, but pics will be nice.
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When are you gonna take me???

Damn that looks tasty. We demand more pics!!!
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Way to ski like a girl, Tsavo... I want to see this year's, too!!!
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Thanks to Dondenver and Betsy I'm learning how to attach photos!

This was my 8th year/trip to Mike Wiegele Heli-Ski in Blue River, BC! Not the best year as we had 2 down days, but when we got to fly it was VERY good! First day (Sunday) was spent in the trees and it was knee deep! One run the next day (Monday). The temps went up in the valley and down above tree line. Fog and low clouds kept us from flying after 2 runs Tuesday. Wednesday was spent on a lower area called Saddle Mountain and the snow was very heavy from the warmer temps and a little freezing rain caused a layer of crust. Some stayed out and skied while others said no way and went in after 2 runs!!! Thursday brought more low clouds but our pilot was able to find a hole and flew us above tree line into the alpine!! Blue skies and mid shin deep snow made for a wonderful day!!! Friday was another blue sky day and we skied 25,000 vert with 13 heli rides! Big day!: Saturday was a half day with blue skies and 6 heli rides. Good trip over all and yes I will be going back for my 9th year!!

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Nice Pics! I like the syncro-skiing. Don't see it too much anymore.
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Very Nice!
If you need a House Boy to carry your bags & skis on the Next one,
Keep us in mine!
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ummm where is the helmet cam footage?

nice pictures though/
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Thread has now been established as mandatory viewing for my daughters who need to ski less like guys and more like this girl.
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When I get to "ski like a girl" with Tsavo I'll have to show her how to needlessly "crash like a man" Something I excel at!

Great pics Tsavo and may many more Heli opportunities come your way.
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