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DEN To Leadville 12/27

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Well, Its getting close now and soon I will be en route to 6 & 1/2 days
of skiing at 5 different Mountains.
Looks like lack of snow will not be an issue.
Here's my question - what kind of drive time with reasonable conditions can I expect from Stapleton to Leadville with a stop in Silverthorne for rentals ?
I have 1:30 PM lesions for 2 Grandkids reserved at Ski Cooper.
I have made this drive several times before with no problems.
I just don't know what kind of traffic to expect during the Holidays.
I'm staying the night in Stapleton and should be in route no later than 7:45 AM in a " skierized Minivan , I was told it would have a rack and studed tires.
Any Thoughts !!!
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You're landing at Stapleton?:::
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NO! just renting there
just staying one night in Stapleton as my post states.
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You should be just fine!
Unless it's a Big pow day, then traffic could get thick.
Should be able to make it in under 2.5hrs!
Take your time on HWY 91.
Ski Cooper, Great Place for KIDS!
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Thanks for your reply MR. Vertical.
I felt it would be doable under normal circumstances but was a little uncertain during the Christmas season.
I agree on "SKI Cooper "for the lessions or just a good place to warm up,we always have a good time there .
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