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Edge Bevel for Fischer RX6

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I skied my new Fischer RX6's (untouched, fresh out of the box) yesterday at Pico on some very nice packed powder conditions. I think I'll be very happy with these, but I was a bit disappointed with their edge holding on some surfaces. They were not up to the standards of some Head Supershapes I tried last year.

I do not know what the edge bevel is on these skis, and Fischer's website does not have the info as far as I can see. I assume the bottoms are 0, but can any of you tell me what the edges are from the factory? Also what recommendations can you make to give me strong edge holding on the common eastern conditions here?

I'm 43, level 6/7 skier, ski 25 days/year fairly aggressively.

Thanks in advance.
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Trust me, the bottoms are not 0 - if they were, most everyone who rode them would be in the hospital.

All Skis in the 2005,2006,2007 RX line have Base 1, Edge 3.

The RX6 has a totally different sidecut than the Supershape - it is much less pronounced. It also is not as stiff and is more forgiving. Most likely this is why you are seing a difference. The RX6 will not inititate and hook up as quickly as the supershape. Edgehold should be fine though, Fischer has very good quality construction and nice fat edges, even in the lower end models.

I own the RX8 and RX9 and have been on the 6. My suggestion is try with the bindings slid forward +15. You will get a much easier hookup and quicker response and a more even flex on hardpack.
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Mojoman, thank you for responding. I read a few of your posts, and now understand that the bases really can not be at 0 from the factory, and how inappropriate that would be anyway.

I rarely tune my own skis. Should I tell the shop to go with base 1, edge 3 when I drop them off? You've got me worried because I bought a season's tune from a local shop at Killington, and their head tech (who only snowboards) told me that he normally sets the base at 0 and edge at 1. I don't want this guy making a mess of my skis.

What about my kids skis, should those generally be set at base 1, edge 3 too? (Dynastar troubled youth size 150, Salomon Equipe size 130, Atomic C-series 5 size 138 (wife), and Atomic race size 120 for my littlest guy).
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Don't get shop tunes unless they can do the angles you spec. MojoMan is right, the Fishers are 1 base / 3 side.

You might want to go 1/1 with your kids skis -- that is a typical general purpose edge. Many all mountain skis go 1/2. Carvers tend to go 1/3.

I also agree with MojoMan that what you felt on the RX-6 is not necessarily due to the edges, it's due to the fact that it's an RX-6 and not an RX-8 or RX-9. They specifically made the RX-6 softer and more forgiving than the RX-8, but the tradeoff is that is won't hold as well on hard snow and under heavy loads/speeds. The 3 degree side angle will improve bite, but can't offset the fact that it's a slightly softer ski than SuperShapes, or the RX-8/9.
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Speaking of Fischer, I think Fischer makes some of the best skis out there and am surprised you don't see more skiers on them. I think its because a lot of shops don't cary their lines. Even the low end models seem to have the same durability and quality in construction as the high end jobs.

The RX6 is not a bad ride actually. It's a bit softer and noticeably lighter than the 8 but is still a very good performer. I would say it is a big step above the typical models you see marketed towards intermediates today. It rides kind of like a more energetic K2 crossifire. IMO even some advanced skiers would be fine on an RX6 in a 175.
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