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Boot fit after broken tibia, with plate & screws still in

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I’d like some advice about how to make allowances for a plate and multiple screws fitted to a tibia. My girlfriend broke her leg in March and has just started skiing again.

The lowest part of the plate is slightly prominent above the ankle bone, and is causing discomfort when skiing. She has a pair of Atomic M80 Women’s with custom footbeds that were a perfect fit for skiing every day last season as a ski instructor.

I have thought about getting the standard Atomic liners re-heated and let them mold to the new shin shape, using some of those thin gel pads on the plate area or getting some new custom foam liners.

What would be the best way to fix this problem? She is working at Kicking Horse resort in BC, Canada, so any suggestions for excellent boot fitters in the area, Banff maybe?


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You might try an Intuition liner, prepadding the plated area with dense foam before molding. I did this for Snow7, who had a similar plate installed, a few years ago and I believe it worked pretty well?
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Originally Posted by Snow7
Just saw your reply about fitting boots to accommodate the resulting bulges from plates, pins, and other hardware in my leg. I think I had tried most every type of padding, donuts, and whatnot to relieve the pressure. The only thing that worked for, me was you fitting the Intuition liners into my Salomon Course 130's. I would strongly recommend saving time and effort and trying this method. The Intuition liners also make for a warmer boot when those Alberta Clippers blow through! Feel free to use as needed.
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start with reheating and see how that feels. also some donut pads around the pressure point(s)?

we can look if the foot support has changed, or if different upper cuff alignment is needed too

I'm in banff if you do want to stop by.
Dave Williams
Ultimate Fit Center
211 Bear St
Banff, Alberta, T
(403) 762-7220 (3-9 in winter, banff)
(403) 762-0547 (daily, year round)
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Thanks for the cool x-ray. Always interested to see what my insides will look like as the years go on. There must be a rush this year on hardware stores selling stainless as I've seen at least five people this season with an assortment of metal bits holding their ankle together. Almost all very very sensitive to touch . It seems the problem is the screw heads rubbing the skin from the inside.

I agree with Bud that an Intuition liner may help but doubt that reheating the factory liner will accomplish much. A donut around the area will help, but only if it is made of fairly firm material. The foams that most shops use for padding are really too soft to accomplish much.

However, what I've found to work well was simply a punch to move the shell away from the area.

If you are in Calgary stop by or contact me at the store. I was just in Golden last weekend and probably will be again shortly as will some of my staff. I can't do much there but could certainly look if you like.

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i am guessing that you are already in canada, or i could take a look and do something here in the UK, currently i do not have any thermo fit liner available but stretching/grinding the shell and or adding some padding is not a problem

my contact details are in the link below if you are still in the country...if not go see one of the guys above
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