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Its back, baby!

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I still get teen mag. I think I am hooked though. That dude with the guitar is cute, I mean he is a dork. :
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To AC, dchan, and all epic-skiers:

Thanks for letting the Maggots hang here during the Powder board's brief crisis.

Who luvs ya, baby?
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you are welcome. come visit from time to time.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by dchan:
you are welcome. come visit from time to time.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
thanks again &
be careful what you wish for!

gonzo would dehydrate himslef marking his territory if it went on much longer!
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my bladder's bigger'n texas, woodsy! :

come on down to virgin & gooseberry mesa with us. we're gonna hang with Bender and do some riding here 'n' there. just 5 of us going, me, E, M, Bradford and Andy.

did you hear about how well E and Andy did in the Red Bull Freezride? it was very sweet.
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Thanks for visiting. It was sort of fun! makes us not take ourselves too seriously all the time! Take care of yourselves! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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No problem, you're welcome to regroup here whenever. Don't let Gonz get you down, he's just playing.
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dang AC you blew my masquerade :

I never thought I'd read that in one of YOUR posts!
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