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December Nor' Easter.. Ha

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Well 6AM on Sunday and Friday's forecast of 18 - 24 inches is long gone. 2 inches of snow and sleet is falling pretty heavy now.

The on good thing to come of this is... Friday night at the bar... the forecast come on the TV and everyone gathers around for the latest news on this HUGE storm... the headline at the top says "December Nor' Easter" ... I hear a girl just behind me say to her friend "What does this have to do with Easter?" I'm still laughing!
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7:30 and DUMPING in Northern Central MA. ABout 3" so far and I cannot see my neighbors house across the st.

Young girls amuse me.
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We've got at least 10" on the ground since about 4am in Stowe. It can't snow any harder than this, it's coming down at a 2-3" per hour rate, if this keeps up we're in trouble. As Jer would say: "It's Powderggedon!"
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Dumping here in NNY
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Yeah, the ski areas south of Syracuse (Song, Labrador, Greek) took a beating but Gore and Whiteface are getting some much needed base. I'm back in Syracuse this weekend and happy that it missed us here - much less snowblowing to do. Much better for it to fall in the 'dacks and Greens (I can say that now that I live most of the time in eastern NY).
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I've had some people ask me about Snowshoe conditions.

Here is the update. I think they lost about 6 inches of base last night to rain. They closed a couple of lifts because of ice. The lifts are probably open again by now. I was set to go at 6:30 AM and it was raining. About 6 miles up the road and 200ft higher the power was out and everything coated with ice. It is very windy and the temp fluctuating about 10F, from about 38F to 28F at my house.

So...I stayed home. I hate skiing in the rain. Particularly on Blue runs.

Right now gusting snow, less than an inch of new snow 28F.
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we got about 11 here and it's still sleeting/frz rain.

Got stuff cleared - planning to head to Stowe later
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Earlier post was premature. It's been snowing at a rate of 2" per hour for about the last 4 hours northwest of Syracuse. Just got back in from snowblowing :
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
We've got at least 10" on the ground since about 4am in Stowe. It can't snow any harder than this, it's coming down at a 2-3" per hour rate, if this keeps up we're in trouble. As Jer would say: "It's Powderggedon!"

Did it really pick up around 8:30 or something, or did I just miss it? Heluvaskier and I left at about 8:20 and it seemed like there was only 3-4 inches.
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Snowshoe WV is going to get all their snow out of this storm on the back end (wrap around + upslope), which was sort of the consensus a couple days ago. The snow wasn't expected to arrive until mid-day today, Sunday, though Snowshoe's snow report seemed to suggest otherwise. Last I heard from someone there at 2pm today, it was snowing like a bastard. My weather software is predicting up to 10" for the basin side by Monday morning. Monday is the day to be at Snowshoe. With the wind, there should be some good drifts.

BTW, the detachable lifts were closed due to ice, but opened mid morning. Only to have one of them (Ballhooter) and another lift (Grabhammer) close due to winds by afternoon. That alone makes it a bad day to be at Snowshoe. I wouldn't mind being there on Monday morning though.
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Really gusting wind now. I heard a prediction of 50 mph winds. My co-worker cancelled his trip to Ohio. I'm going to see if he'll cover for me!
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Started snowing at Sunday River around 6AM on Sunday and dumped pretty hard till around noon-1PM then off and on flurries....I'm guessing a little over a foot total. The huge winds tthat were forcasted never came to fruition so wind was never a factor.... No lift lines and fresh powder to be found everywhere all day long. Opening new terrain like crazy with a few really good lift line runs like Agony, Locke Line and White Heat all open and in mid-winter shape. I suspect some of the glades are skiable but not officially open yet. Sunday was easily the best day of the year for me so far and lets hope this continues as it's been as good an early season here in the NE as I can remember!
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Snowshoe checked in with 8" from the backend of the storm, and they are getting some snow showers today. It's a pity the first half of the storm was rain and ice, could have been a nice total...
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