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Handling "wave" moguls

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I may be making up names here, but I hate the steep "wave" moguls that form at the top of one of my favorite runs (North Face, Crested Butte). There are only a few entrances onto the face, so everyone channels through a few slots in the rocks and we get these waves that I have to cross over/through. They dip steeply up and down (and there are usually some granite bombs in there to dodge too). The waves run more or less down the fall line, or perpendicular to the short traverse that I need to do to get on the face.

Sometimes I spaz my way through there. Sometimes I've lost a ski in the compression between waves, or for some other reason. Anyway, there has to be some way to handle these things, but I haven't come across a good solution yet.

I'm a decent skier overall. Can handle most of the CB extreme terrain at my own pace. I"m just hoping there's a trick or two I need to learn on these things!
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double up! jump em, allyoop!

get psyched, plan your line, speed, take off, landing....and go for it!
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I know exactally the kind of bump your are refering to. A tactic that I use and works well takes some guts, but once you do it, you'll go "duh".

Ski streight down between to waves until you have a little speed (this is where the guts part is). Turn up the side of one of the waves enough that your skis are actually skiing up. This will slow you down and as you reach the top of the wave, do a quick transition and turn back down inbetween 2 waves again. Then pick a new spot on a wave to turn up on and repeat the process.

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Can someone post a picture of these wave moguls? I'm having a hard time picturing it, even though I'm sure I've encountered them skiing similiar terrain.
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What Bruce is refering to is a series of berms or spines that run vertically down the hill with a steep valley between them.

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I was thinking something like this:

from this site-
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Ski down Rachel's a ways and enter North Face. The entrances down below are way easier.

I handle those waves by skiing were everyone else does not. Generally right down the fall line. Be prepared for a few rocks and quick short little turns.
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Belated thanks for the responses. It seems like you guys know what I"m up against. The picture has some similarities, but the waves at the entrance of North face are more defined and severe, but not as steep. There are few entry points because of the rocks, so it's harder for the skiers to choose different lines. I might have followed the "ski up, then turn between" response, but I don't think I get the brains or legs to move that quickly. Maybe not enough guts, as you say.

There is the much easier lower notch entry down Rachel's, as you mention. I've done that one a lot and it is very easy by comparison. But, I think it puts me down too low to get over to the top of Hawk's Nest or the Million Dollar Highway over to Phoenix. However, it's still a fun face and a good way over to the Glades.

I haven't been skiing yet, but I'm heading up in a couple weeks. With all the snow Crested Butte's been getting, at least the rocks should be less of a problem this year!
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