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Summit County 9-13 Dec rapup and Thank Yous!

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What a great week for my first time out of the season. Good snow all week and one phenomenal day at Vail on 12/12:

I want to give many thanks to all the Bears who skied and hung out with me.

Bong for the incredible hospitality and a pleasure meeting your new friend(even if my POS rental car couldn't get out of your driveway).

Faisasy for being willing to test his knee skiing with me and always great company(you skied well my friend)

ssh for more hospitality and letting us tag along with his Copper group(also the cheap lunch). He's good at keeping secrets also

Dondenver and Mr Vertical for taking the time off to ski with me and enticing me for the first time ever to hike for turns(even if the 5 minutes walking uphill almost killed me)

Dp for joining us at Abasin after a long night at work and a trying drive up to the hill.

Tsavo for good company and inspiring me to "ski like a girl" with her tales of heli skiing triumph along with her and ssh spreading a "lotta luv" at Copper:

Uncle Louie and Sugarcube for the VERY surprising appearance at dinner on 12/11 and showing me places at Vail(mucho POWDER) I never would have found on my own:.

And lastly to Garyskr for skiing with me everyday and chauffeuring my butt around all week(due to POS rental car).

I could give many more thanks for many things and still not cover them all.

Thanks again to all as I ALWAYS ski better when hanging out with other Bears and friendships deepen and expand.


Breck on the last day
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Thanks, Jim- it was great to see and ski with you again. See you next time!
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Jim, always good to see and ski with you! UL and I got home just a bit ago after another exciting drive across Kansas--whee!

Let us know when you plan to go West again so we can 'surprise' you!
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I figured he and Gary would just meet on the Kentucky resort slopes...
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Excellent Jim. Look forward to the next ski with you. Glad that you and Garyskr enjoyed the snowfall with your well timed visit.
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Good post Jim - I too, wish to say it was a pleasure to ski with all of the bears this past week. We had a great time. Looking forward to a good year.

Steve, if we had a ski resort in KY, we could meet there, however, not much snow in KY.
If you want to play golf, we have a course or two. I'd be happy to host.

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