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Mounting my own plates

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So here’s my dilemma: I have a Rossi/VIST plate that I’d really like to mount on some new skis. The plates are older (maybe 2001) and no one around here (Golden/Boulder, CO) has the jig for them. No one will eye-ball mount it either (liability reasons? I guess I understand, I’m a second-year law student!). This leaves me with a few options: Mount it myself or buy a new plate. I’d rather mount it myself.

These plates have been mounted before on my old skis, so I have the proper screw pattern (same binding, same boot). Can I copy that pattern on a piece of paper and drill my new skis using that pattern? I have two pair of beat-up skis that I can practice on, before I try this out on my new sticks.

Is this plan tragedy waiting to happen?
What should I be thinking about to make this as safe as possible?

Thanks guys!
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No need for paper, the plate is self-jigging once you center it on the ski.

Remember to mark the positions of the sliding screws in the slots before you take them out.

If you have access to a Look/Rossi jig for old-style turntable heels they have holes at the right spacing. You just need to shift the L/R jig along the length of the ski for each pair of holes you want to drill.

Do NOT lose the little screw sleeves.
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