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Zero To Snow To Mountain To Pine Tree…ER And Back!

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This short lived thread may yield the most information for a newbie ever! Well I hope so anyhow. Here is the situation. I’m planning a trip on or about December 26th. I have zero experience, clothing, gear, and resort/ski location info. Don’t throw in the towel yet… I have found good links from here for resorts ect… But the reviews are not the best and I don’t have a great deal of time to look.
This is going to be and eastern US trip, from Florida WPB, to as far North as I need to go. My typical route to my brothers has been 95, 26, and 77 to 81 to eastern PA. So I’m familiar with that but I have GPS so no real worries there. I do a lot of road trips so that’s not a concern. I would like to keep the travel distance as short as possible so to enjoy the resort, snow as much as I can.
What I’m after is my first ski adventure. I’m leaning towards snowboard, but not closed minded towards ski’s. Snowmobiling, nightlife, and that snowy lodge hot tub atmosphere are the target goals. Any other ideas for winter fun are very welcome. I’m 41 and fit, and single as of this writing.
What I have is… Typical winter clothing. (I need new stuff) A Dodge 2500 MegaCab 4X4, a Grizzly 450 4X4 Quad, and maybe a lady. I also have mountain bikes but don’t think there will be use for them.
So those are the facts, now I really need the knowledge and experience of you good people to make it happen.
First up is the target resort. I was reading Snowshoe, but turned off by crowd complaints for new skiers. They seem to be good with atmosphere and nightlife and lodging though. Keep in mind I have the quad which may be fun if there are trails for such.
Clothing. I tend not to buy clothing on line not to mention there won’t be time for shipping. Costs at a resort town will be ridiculous. But I’m sure there are stores between here and the destination. I’m looking for everything from head to toe. Ladies please chime in as I may have a lady coming along that will need gear.
Gear, from goggles to tools, boards to ski’s. Whatever you guys might think is required to survive this. I am leaning towards rentals for ski’s and snow board. I don’t think there will be a problem, but you never know, I may not enjoy one or the other.
So if you good people could chime in with advice and recommendations I would greatly appreciate it! Please give me as much info (name brand, model, store name # and zip code ect….) that you can. The only real shop in Florida is Peter Glen, and down here they are pricey. Cost is not the biggest issue, but I don’t want to pay 400 dollars for something everyone else gets for 125.
Thanks in advance to all, and to this forum for being here. I looked around for the right place to post this, and thought this one best. If It should be elsewhere please advise me.
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Wow, you're going to do all that in about 10 days. Good Luck. The only advice I have is next time better prior planning and good luck. Welcome to Epic. You could always ski behind the Quad Runner all you need is a water ski rope.
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First off, you'll get more info on Mid Atlantic resorts over at www.dcski.com it's an Eastern based membership, where this board is heavily West coast.

As for ATV trails, have you seen http://www.trailsheaven.com/ The Hatfield & McCoy trails in WV. Skiing centered around that would be Snowshoe, Timberline, Canaan Valley. If you want crowds on a weekend, hit the Shoe. If you don't, go to TLine or Canaan.
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I just got back from jogging with the dog and a guy I see all the time walking was wearing a quilt Spyder jacket. I asked him where he got it and he said Cabellas. You can probably get almost everything you need for skiing at Cabellas at a significant savings vs. a ski shop. I know they have all kinds of poly pro long underwear, Under Armor Cold Gear, great gloves and now I learned Syder jackets. Apparently you can even get this gear in colors other than camoflouge. Go on line on Cabella's website and check it out.
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Thanks guys, I am taking notes, don’t worry. I realize this is short notice, and it may have to be cut to January, but the info will still be valid. I also plan on going west, but that will be later February I think. I do actually have a ski rope. Might take that with. There is another word for that under garment material isn’t there? I think they put it in boots as well these days.
I have been looking still, and found good reviews on Wintergreen Va., and Massanutten Va. Any thoughts?
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Taylormatt, you are the man, those Hatfeild trails look very good.... If I had known about these I would have been there years ago. Thanks A million!
Still working the ski trip though...
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I've been wanting to get down there myself. Unfortunately, skiing, mountain biking and restoring my '71 Bronco rank higher than riding my ATV these days. Not enough time, too many work hours...

Looks way cool though.
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Well Taylor if I go though there I will be shure to let you know what it was like.
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Please do, I'm curious about it.
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Ok, from what I read, the female may or may not be coming with you (i.e. "maybe a lady")? If you bring her, then the type of nitelife you are looking for can be found most anywhere. If you are going stag, then you should be looking for crowds.
Be aware, that Snowshoe does not have the huge nightlife that everyone seems to think it does. A couple of resturants and one dance club.

Seven Springs has about the same.

There is one decent bar right between Cannan and Timberline.

Massanutten and Wintergreen are mostly ski areas (i.e. not resorts, so little to no nightlife for a single man).
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Thanks Ullr. Just the kind of info I'm looking for. All great links by the way.. thanks all... Does anyone have info on a good town that has many such shops, or an outlet mall in NC VA WV GA or so. I need a retailer, because of time frame, and as I said.. Fla dont have it... nore do we have snow...hmmm
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Well, if you are looking for cheap duds, and you would lke to try them on instead of order from the internet, you could try Dicks Sporting Goods. I know that even if you do have a Dicks in Fla, they are not going to have snow gear, so you could just head north to Va or Md, then jump off 95 at an exit that has a Dicks (exit 84 & 86 in Va is for Virginia Center Commons Mall, and Dicks is across the street), or you could even hit a local ski shop in Va. I know of one about 20 mins from 95, that has about the best customer service anywhere!


Steve Stallard is the owner, and you will not find a nicer, more knowledgable guy in the business.
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I would buy my gear at cabellas and go for the Carharts in camo if you can get it. Buy some polypro or microfleece and pile for base layers. You'll look retro and a little redneck... It will be cool. You can use the gear for 4 wheeling as well. I think you sound like a snowboarder. I found snowboarding to be much easier to learn than skiing. I was already a good skier and I think there's crossover, but If I was starting from the ground up and didn't want to spend a lot of time learning a sport.. I would snowboard. The heel side slam is harsh, but you learn to not do it after a couple. Take a lesson, from a pro. I would recomend a full day group lesson. I like the idea of putting the trip together fast and improvising. You won't get it all "right", but I'm sure you will have a blast and I wish I was doing a trip like that.
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I think I am leaning towards snowboard, The maybe lady.... went last year and loved it. Teton and roundturn , thanks for the info. And the skicenter is just what I'm looking for. As long as they are not to close to a resort the prices should be good.
Yes this trip is last min, but I have been thinking it for a bit. It will serve as a warm up for the west, which I will have the lady along. There is a lot of places over there to look into. It is great to have these forums to get good info and advise from. However this trip goes down I will be sure to let you all know. So far it looks doable. Hopefully the weather will drop snow everywhere up there...
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I want to hear all about it.
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Ok I don’t know how much skiing I will get done on this trek, but I can say it looks like fun either way. As of this writing I plan on staying at a bed and breakfast in Matewan WV. http://www.historicmatewanhouse.com/

This has direct access to the trails of Hatfield-McCoy Trails http://www.trailsheaven.com/
Now this is all still close to some ski resorts, that I’m sure I will look into. There is also this place I found that has pretty much everything, from whitewater rafting, mountain bike trails to Rock climbing http://www.aceraft.com/ For those of you with kids this place looks pretty cool

This is not turning out as I planned but I still will be getting the stuff I need for skiing or snowboarding. I will have a route planned in a couple days. Snowfall may be an issue as well. It doesn’t look to good at the moment. I’m still looking into PA ski resorts.
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Merry Christmas to All!!! And may the snow fall your way!
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Ok for I had to cancel the trip, but it is not lost. Maybe later in January there will be more snow. I will continue to check for clothing stuff and can now order it online as there is time for shipping. I'm still planning on breaking into this on the east coast before I fly out to the west. I hope it will prepare me for that trip so I will enjoy and not be lost when I get there. Thanks to all for the info, and add more if you have it...
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