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K2 Twin Tip Opinions Needed

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Hey all,
I'm approx a level 6-maybe 7 skier. Am 6'0 and weigh 195lbs.
I ski on K2 Axis x 174 with Salomon ti 912 PE2 bindings. I ski in the East.
Just got fitted for Nordica GTS 12 boots with custom footbed at GMOL last week....great place btw....thanks epic on the recomendation!!! Last week I skied Stratton and skied eveything open. Spent 8-10 runs on upper and lower spruce working on moguls....lotsa help needed..I can get down without falling but nowhere near graceful. Spent the rest of the time on blacks working on short turns on the side of the trail where it's fluffier(my usual spot). I want to ski like the people I see skiing effortlessly and at the same speed no matter what the pitch of the slope. I don't carve much at all (or at least I don't think I do...not like GS guys in their skin tight suits)....but work on keeping my skis together...staying out of the back seat...keeping shins pressured on my boot cuffs....poles forward...and planting them....and trying to keep a good rhythm...a constant flow from turn to turn...... I know I need lessons ( maybe grey rocks this year or epic academy in Stowe in Feb) BUT
was thinking I might want twin tips for learning bumps, hopefully glades & powder days. I'd like to be a upper echelon skier who spends most of his time on bumps, glades, woods and such. Frontside groomers don't hold much appeal to me.
I was looking at two K2 twin tips in particular the Silencer and PE in 179. Is that a good size for me?? Was thinking about the Silencer cause I figured it would be softer, and easier to learn on, and then maybe after a year or two getting the PE's when I could really get the most from them.....or will the PE be just as easy to really get my technique down on without hindering my development......Just don't want more ski then I can handle right now.
I was also wndering about bindings...since so many people like different settings for them (forward, mid or back) I was thinking bout railflex or poweraxe....not particularly those two but basically a binding that I could move to experiment with the position that I favor the most...as opposed to permenantly mounting them flat with no options.
What do you all think????? I definately need some advice....
Thanks for your time all!!!!
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Silencer = not worth getting. PE = gold. I'll leave the comments about length to others since I have not skied the 179s. I prefer flat bindings, but others have liked railflexes. But seriously, if you are a level 6 -7 skier, the PE would be the way to go. The Silencer would be more jib oriented.
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To my knowledge, the Silencer is more of a starter ski. With your experience, you would probably outgrow it quickly. Best to go with the Public Enemy in 179 cm. The PE has a fairly long turn-up on the ends, so the effective length on groomed snow will be shorter than your Axis. The PE will be better in powder and crud. The PE's semi-fat waist (84 cm as opposed to a svelte 70 cm for the Axis X) may feel huge at the start. If you're not absolutely set on K2's, try demoing different brands of twin-tips. I had the Axis X before going to the Dynastar Troublemaker. I demoed the TM and was blown away by the difference. The Axis X is a competent all-mountain ski, don't get me wrong, but any twin-tip that I have ever been on just has more fun built into it. I had planned to keep the Axis X for skiing groomers, but the TM's worked better everywhere, so I sold them. If you're not planning on doing spins and tricks, have your bindings mounted at the "all-mountain" position.
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Thanks for your help guys.........I was kinda leaning towards the PE myself.......I have leaned towards K2, maybe because they're American owned but will demo a few different brands of twin tips.....maybe when I ski Stratton on Tues and Wed if they have them available. Are there any particular bindings that I should be looking for or that you prefer?
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Looking forward to hearing about the results of your demo experience. As for bindings, they are a personal preference thing. They all work effectivey, so get the one you like. Some skiers have a thing against Marker bindings, but I have skied them without a problem. I also skied Salomon bindings for years, but have moved over to Look bindings, which seem to be a lighter, lower profile design. At your weight, you should have a binding that goes up to DIN 12. The Look PX12 is a nice set-up that is selling at some good prices right now.
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