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Leg / Knee pain advice

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My 60 yr old legs and joints have never caused me a problem but recently I’ve developed what seems to be a needle prick pain that is followed by a weakness in my right knee/leg. I exercise regularly and there was no “injury” that I know of. The pain is not in my knee joint. It’s in the bottom of my thigh muscle about two finger widths above my knee cap. The discomfort is inconsequential but the random weakness is troubling. Sunday I bent over to pick up something with my weight over my right leg and almost fell down. It does not seem to be a problem when I’m exercising or otherwise warmed up. It is not in any way tender to the touch. I’m sure someone has experienced a similar problem. Is it a precursor to a more serious condition? Do I need professional attention? If so what type of pro should I see an Orthopedic MD or a physical therapist?
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I've had a few different things recently. I'm 55. Without going into any details, I suggest seeing an orthopedic MD, if you can find a good one.

Does it bother you skiing? My issues worried me, but didn't bother me skiing. I've had PA's and radiologists diagnose things as worse then the surgeon. We're getting old. Some of these things are precursors, but the cursor could be years away. Some could be just mild degeneration.

The surgeon I've seen for my knee and my hip told me both times to just keep skiing and wait, avoid what makes it hurt - that I'm not doing any damage. Of course that was after MRI and xrays - so if there was something serious to worry about they would have told me.
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