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New bra trees at Mtn.Creek

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Two new bra trees are blooming at Mountain Creek...this isn't a sign of spring is it?
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I think it's an Eastern tradition... I went to CamelBack, PA a little while ago and, boy, it was Christmas once more!
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Saw one at Solitude 2 weeks ago. Killington has one. Although they have started using panties and G Strings at MRG.
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"Although they have started using panties and G Strings at MRG"

That's what makes skiing fun and... exciting! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Used to be that the bra or panties in question that ended up on the tree below was removed by the chick or the guy with her on the lift removed it and then deposited on the tree, which carried some significants. Today the **** that shows up on these so called trees is more like litter, placed there by people who just think they're cool. Some of the bras i've seen still have a store tag on them. Big thrill!
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