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taos lifts snowboard ban

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the ban is lifted
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As of 3/19/08. I am a skier, so no impact, but I like knowing these 'rebel' resorts are out there. I will be there in February I think, so I will see it before the change comes. Guess I can compare the difference next time.
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Yeah, don't worry I won't be one of the riders that go there. The only reason the ban is being lifted is because if they don't the resort would have to close down in a couple of years. I would have liked to have seen that.
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WOW that is so Cool! Finally, family and friends can enjoy one of my favorite mountains. I celebrate all who love to ride/slide/ski on snow! whoohoo
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Big deal. The place went downhill when they started allowing Texans to ski there.
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I understand they have curtailed the martini tree thing. Maybe they can have some PBR trees and Phillies Blunts trees now.
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As others point out, it's economics. Too bad they didn't figure it out some time ago. Holiday traffic is on the weak side this year, as a local business owner, we wish they'd pull the plug today!
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Great, now all those boarders can go sideways down the blacks and ruin all the powder there too. I could care less about boarders, but I do wish they would learn to use the thing before they run it down hills they have no business being on. By the way, you don't look cool going sideways, beveling a hill, no matter how much your boxers are sagging out the back of your pants.
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Anyhow, this is a conditions thread, and the conditions at Taos have been SWEET. The pow pow has been all over, and the skies blue. I have already gotten in 5 days there, and am going this weekend. I imagine after this weekend it will be skiied out until the next big storm. So if you want to do Taos, this weekend would be a good time. One warning: It has been really COLD here in NM, so come prepared.
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I notice that they turned off the comments section on the boarding announcement pretty quickly after racking up 15 pages:

Not a lot of news here, it looks like one of our "Why we hate snowboarders thread".

I notice they mention plans for expansion, so they were probably worried about public use comments in any open hearings, this is one way to defuse those before things get started.

I guess the one thing you have to ask yourself is how long Taos will hold out as essentially a family run operation. Most ski areas are run by corporations these days, not founder entrepreneurs. Safe bet is if they take on a lot of debt that the Blakes will eventually lose control. What ticks me off is that as soon as the big corporations move in it all becomes more about real estate and selling burritos than skiing, and the price of daily lift tix goes through the roof. Somebody ought to do an expose on how rich people have gotten running resorts on what is mostly public land, while the park service is running out of money.

It looks like it's time to ski Taos before the ski Taos we knew disappears forever.
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I don't "hate" snowboarders. I enjoy skiing next to good snowboarders that know their limits. There is no need to rehash the subject, and I look forward to hiking the ridge at Taos with boarders that belong up there. This goes for skiiers and snowboarders all: Learn to ski or board before you head onto powder on more advanced runs. It is one of the most heinous crimes you can commit on the slopes to plow sideways through untouched powder and ruin it for everyone. Get on an easy slope where everyone is doing that if you have to.
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