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too bad for you they don't make machete fb's anymore. Whats your bias against volkl? I had rex's, liked them for 1.5 years before they fell apart. Had sugars but found them too light to be an all mountain ripper. I think you need something heavy and damp, read: volkl.
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Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuel- 178

They carve like their on rails and absolutely destroy crud. It is however only 78 underfoot.
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Guys, I already made my choice. I pick-up my Blizzard TITAN NINES tomorrow ... from the shop which adjusted the bindings.

They are 126 / 92 / 112, Radius 24 m (188 cm) and they are exactly what my son has. He skis *fast* and I need them just to keep up.

(He skied today and said he "did his best" but he wasn't able to find Top Speed on the T9s.) Oooh, Boy! This is gonna be fun...!

- KK
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After my son wasn't able to "find top speed" on his T9s he said, "Pop, remember how you're always comparing every ski to your old "Red Sleds? Well, you're gonna stop doing that!"

I skied at Copper yesterday with a buddy from my youth. It was my first time on the TITAN NINES.


My son is right. These T9s are sweet! Fast, stable, hold a good edge on the (very) hardpack, and just a shade quicker edge-to-edge than I remember the Dynastar Pro Riders to be. (Which isn't really "quick;" just moderately so....)

The conditions weren't typical for Colorado: It had been so warm the day before, the snow had begun spring-like melting ... then everything froze to "bullet proof" overnight. The temperature yesterday was only above freezing in the sunshine, so the slopes never really softened-up much.

My buddy and his college-age daughter were staying to ski Copper again today, so I wanted to familiarize them with the whole mountain ... and that meant I got to ski everywhere to test the T9s, too.

These skis are *fast*. They fly on the groomers, with excellent edge hold. The nice thing (which I may "pay for" some day) is they were somewhat forgiving when I occasionally got in the back seat. Some skis will dump me for that; these allowed me to re-center. (Probably due to their very firm, yet even, flex pattern?)

The backside was frozen and windblown crud ... and I had a blast! (My Rossi 9Xs would have been terrible back there.) I was halfway down the bowl to the Mtn Chief lift when I remembered, "Oh yeah! The others may not be as comfortable on this stuff." I returned to being a responsible Tour Guide. The T9s don't get easily deflected by the crud. (This was the most dramatic test I could imagine for these skis.) Great!

We worked our way over to the Super Bee lift and my buddy wanted to lead us down a trail he'd spotted from the lift which looked enticing. Missing his intended steep/groomed run (by a lot) we found ourselves on Far East, a long, steep, 2-pitch 100% bump run(!). This was work. My T9s are long (188s) and stiff and those bumps were made by shorter, more flexible, skis.

I could not carve them in the troughs due to the tight spacing / long ski combination. I stopped jetting bumps 15 years ago. The skis were too long (and the bumps too tight) to let me "bash" the uphill sides of the bumps. Turning on the top of the moguls and sliding the downhill side didn't work either (same tightness / length problem). I resorted to skiing/launching back and forth between two adjacent "lines". Once I settled on this technique, it was actually pretty fun. It was still a lot of work. Conclusion: The T9s are not (really) for bump skiing ... but you can manage them if you need to.

[I didn't see any powder this day. (First day all season I couldn't find a stash somewhere; not bad!) But I did get to observe my son ski above-knee-deep at Monarch on *his* T9s last month. He has been "converted" to a true powder hound by his T9s, so I'm looking forward to my own opportunity to let 'em float ... with confidence they will be great.]

All-in-all, I think I've succeeded in finding the ski I sought at the beginning of this thread.

"Mission Accomplished!"

- KK
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KK, I think I mentioned the Titan Cronus to you when I was at copper!
It was the replacement for the T9, and often referred to as the GS ski of the mid fats
It is one of Mr TC's favourite skis!!!
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I don't remember the conversation ... but I did notice a very fine young lady on a pair of TITAN EOS boards. I remember thinking, "Zowie!"

... er, about the skis!

- KK
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Any chance you'll be around to ski with us on our next go around? I haven't started a GTG thread(yet). The plan is March 28 through 31st.
I'm sure Terry will have the Cronos with him again, if you want to give them a whirl.
And........zowie back atcha!
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